What Is Taurine?

What Is Taurine?

What Is Taurine?

Taurine…What is it?

Taurine is a type of amino acid found in many foods and often added to energy drinks. Taurine has been shown to have several health benefits, such as a lower risk of disease and improved sports performance.

Many people take taurine as a supplement, and some researchers refer to it as a “wonder molecule”. Taurine has been shown to have several health benefits, such as a lower risk of disease and improved sports performance. It is also very safe and has no known side effects when taken in reasonable doses.



What is Taurine?

Wondering “what is Taurine?” Taurine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in your body. It is particularly concentrated in your brain, eyes, heart and muscles.

In contrast to most other amino acids, it isn’t utilized to manufacture proteins. Or maybe, it is delegated a restrictively basic amino acid.

Taurine supplement

What does taurine do

Your body can create taurine, and it is additionally found in certain nourishments. In any case, certain people —, for example, those with explicit ailments like coronary illness or diabetes — may profit by taking an enhancement

Regardless of basic conviction, this amino corrosive isn’t extricated from bull pee or bull semen. The name is gotten from the Latin word Taurus, which means bull or bull — so that might be the wellspring of the disarray.

Taurine Benefits

Taurine promotes cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, electrolyte balance, hearing function, and immune modulation. In animal research, taurine protected against heart failure, reducing mortality by nearly 80%. Its benefits are so broad and extensive that scientists have described taurine as “a wonder molecule.” source

Is Taurine Vegan?

Technically, taurine is not an amino acid, but rather an amino sulfonic acid. But it is often referred to as an amino acid, even in the scientific literature.

Taurine is not an essential nutrient; in other words, the human body makes its own taurine. Cats, on the other hand, are not able to make taurine and it must be supplied by the diet in order to keep their retinas healthy.

Taurine is made by the body from cysteine, which is a protein amino acid. If you eat the recommended amounts of protein, you should be getting enough cysteine to provide enough taurine.

Taurine is not found in plant foods. Non-vegetarians typically eat 40 – 70 mg of taurine per day. Vegans have been shown to have lower blood levels of taurine. It is not known whether this compromises health in any way, but very few vegans supplement with taurine, including healthy teenagers who have been vegan from birth. Source

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