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  • 6% off all products (save $100s every year)
  • Early access to the latest product drops
  • Beat the queue for specials and promos
  • Exclusive access to training and nutritional tips
  • Bonus goodies in your supp delivery

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VIP Club Members Get 6% Off All Products

Early Access

You’ll receive early access to all product announcements and specials that are coming up, to ensure you don’t miss out. You’ll be first to try the hottest new supplements dropping our site.

Exclusive Content

You’ll be granted exclusive access to a member only section of our website that is full of training tips, nutrition advice and everything you need to keep your training program on track.

Bonus Goodies

As a TSS VIP Club Member, whenever you place an order with us, you’ll be treated like royalty. This means we’ll often slip something special into your package, whether it’s a few product samples, a delicious snack or a can.

Your membership is scheduled around you

Your TSS VIP Club membership fee of $9.95 per month is automatically debited every month at the same low price. After you hit JOIN and check out, you can instantly start reaping the benefits and saving big across all the supplements on our site.


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Is there a cancellation Policy?

We require a 31 day notice period via email to [email protected] (please include your username and full legal name) if you decide to cancel your VIP subscription.

Please note it may take up to two business days for us to process your cancelation request.
What kind of paymentS do you accept?

We require your credit card details which are secured via our third party payment gateway Safe2Pay.

How many discounts do I get?

For the life of the subscription (that is until you provide notice that you wish to cancel your subscription) you will receive 6% off every product purchased at the listed price.

Is there a Maximum order size?

There is no maximum order size.

How will I save money?

As a VIP you get 6% off everything, for only $9.95 a month. If you were to place an order worth $170, you’d instantly receive $10.20 off, which is already more than the price of your membership. With just a single order, you’re already saving money. Add on all the extra benefits associated with your VIP status and it’s a no-brainer.

Any other perks included?

Yes – VIP subscribers will also be able to access blogs and vlogs that no ordinary registered user of our website would be able to view, these may include diet tips, nutrition advice, training tips, recipe of the week, exercise of the week, training programs etC.