Vegan Protein Powder: 5 Delicious Supplements

Looking for an amazing Plant based Vegan protein powder? Sick of people saying…”But…Where do you get your protein?” Don’t worry here at The Supp Stop we have you covered. In this article we will uncover 5 of the most delicious Vegan Protein Powders that we love and enjoy but also keep those gains happening.

1. Prana Power Plant Protein

Prana protein powder is one of our faves here at The Supplement Stop. The flavour of this protein powder is awesome blended up with banana and some berries. We have some awesome plant based protein recipes that you can use with prana protein that you also may be interested in.

Using this protein will assist in getting all of the required amino acids and that you need when training on a vegan or plant based diet.

Power Plant Protein By Prana On

2. Ghost Vegan Protein

While most Vegan protein powder contains soy, Ghost Lifestyle opted to use sunflower alternatives in all of our protein products. Why? For starters, Soy is one of the common allergens on the market today. Click the link below to learn more.

Ghost Vegan Protein By GHOST

3. Blessed Protein Powder

Delicious natural vegan plant-based protein made with 100% sustainable raw ingredients by EHPLabs.

Blessed Protein Powder

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