Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms & How To Treat Them

by Ash Tilley / July 6, 2020

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms & How To Treat Them

Adrenal fatigue is a term that’s been coined to describe a wide range of symptoms. It really is a difficult term to define. It’s a condition that hasn’t been researched as much as it ought to be. Due to this, medical professionals don’t suggest it to patients lightly, to avoid potential misdiagnosis. This is because it does present quite a few similar symptoms to other conditions. However, if you do feel like your body is consistently needing a nanna nap, you may want to take a look at some of the most common adrenal fatigue symptoms and how to treat them. It may just be the ticket to reclaiming your lust for life!


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What causes adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue can be caused by a few key lifestyle habits. A stressful work or home life is often prevalent in people who suffer adrenal fatigue. The theory is that when the amount of stress placed upon the body becomes too much for it to handle, our adrenal glands (located just above our kidneys) can’t keep up with producing stress-related hormones like cortisol, so they kind of just give up.

There is also a condition called adrenal insufficiency which is a similar concept. It has undergone rigorous scientific testing and is more commonly diagnosed than adrenal fatigue.


What are adrenal fatigue symptoms?

First things first, let’s talk about the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Then we can see whether it’s something you might be suffering from. Symptoms generally include:

      • fatigue,
      • low blood pressure,
      • body aches,
      • digestive issues,
      • salt cravings,
      • nervousness,
      • trouble sleeping.


These symptoms and more may be present in a number of other conditions, which your health practitioner will likely test for first. If nothing stands out, then you may well be suffering from adrenal fatigue.

Now, we all feel tired every now and again. It’s completely normal given the high-energy lifestyles most of us are living. It’s important to note that simply feeling tired probably isn’t enough to be a symptom of adrenal fatigue on its own.

If you are seeing a combination of the above symptoms though, it’s worth checking out.


How to treat adrenal fatigue symptoms

It’s definitely a good idea to consult a health professional before making any assumptions. They may recommend a few small lifestyle changes, a healthier diet and a reduction in stress where possible. Sometimes we can’t just give up our lifestyles for a simpler way of life. In that case, supplements may be a good option for you to look into. To make this easier, we’ve listed a few of our available supplements below that may help get your livelihood back on track.


1. Gutright by ATP Science

Research has shown that gut health plays a huge factor in our body’s ability to function. Our adrenal glands are no exception. Gutright by ATP Science contains modbiotics, a chemical found in vegetables, spices, fruits, nuts and other natural foods. Modbiotics are a winning combination of polyphenals, polysaccharides, glucans and lectins that help improve gut imbalance, in turn, improving overall health. This may be just what you need to help counter adrenal fatigue symptoms.


ATP Science Gutright

2. Adrenal RX by ATP Science

Adrenal RX is one of those supplements that knows its job and does it well. It’s perfectly formulated to support brain and adrenal function with high-quality, clinically researched herbs and ingredients. For those of us with a heavily active lifestyle or a high-stress job, this is a great way of helping the adrenal glands keep up.

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3. Alpha Apex by ATP Science

Adrenal fatigue in men is sometimes mistaken for low testosterone. This is because abnormal cortisol levels in the body can cause testosterone levels to drop. If you’re a male diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, this testosterone supplement may be just what you need to get back to feeling at the top of your game again.

Alpha Apex by ATP Science

If you think you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue, check in with your medical practitioner for advice. If they suggest supplements as a means of managing symptoms, you know where to find us!

While we’re on the topic of adrenal fatigue symptoms and how to treat them, it might be worth checking out our article addressing the opposite end of the spectrum; how to lower cortisol levels when they peak.


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