The Winter Workout Routine to Revive 2020

by Ash Tilley / June 3, 2020

Reviving 2020?

Ok, so “reviving” 2020 might be a bit of an exaggerated statement. I mean, if money starts falling from the sky and we figure out a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst eating a chocolate-based diet this year, sure, we might be able to let the whole “bushfire, flood, pandemic” thing slide. If not, I think we can safely say that 2020 is entirely dead to us.

Dont go to Winter 2020

Considering Winter is prime time for us to indulge in hearty meals that feed our souls (and our waistlines), getting into a Winter workout routine is super important, especially while Covid-19 related restrictions are keeping us mostly indoors. 

I’m sure we’ve all been here:

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The Winter Workout Routine

Lets get to the winter workout shall we…

All workout suggestions below include options for both indoor and outdoor exercise. We’ve also added a few links to some of our products that will help you get the most out of your Winter workout routines.

Warm Up Options

It’s important to warm up before exercising, especially during the cold Winter months when our bodies are stiff, slow to get moving and it’s hard to find the motivation to simply get up out of bed. Incorporating a good warm up is the best way to prevent injury when working out.

Don’t forget to stretch

is a popular warm up, for good reason. A full body stretch routine will help limber up the limbs and joints in the most extensive way. See the video below for a great 5-minute stretch routine created specifically to help the body warm up before your workout.

A light, 10-minute jog

is also a great way to warm the body up before an intense workout. If you have a treadmill at home you can do this indoors, or you can brave the cold (and Covid) and head out for a socially distanced jog. 

a great addition may using an awesome supplement like the C4 Pre Workout By Cellucor

about 20 minutes before you start your warm up routine to boost your energy, focus, performance and endurance throughout your workout.

Exercise Options

We’re going to be suggesting a 20-minute exercise routine here but if you want to increase or decrease the amount of time it takes simply increase the amount of sets, add your own exercises or remove as needed.

3 minutes

  • Mountain climbers for 60 seconds.
  • Rest for 30 seconds. 
  • (2 sets)
  • 20 second rest.

5 minutes

  • Crunches x30.
  • Plank for 60 seconds.
  • Rest for 20 seconds.
  • (3 sets)
  • 20 second rest.

6 minutes

  • Lower back extensions (lift and lower) for 60 seconds.
  • Rest for 20 seconds.
  • (3 sets)
  • 20 second rest.

5 minutes

  • Stationary lunges x20 per side.
  • Rest for 10 seconds.
  • Squats x10.
  • (3 sets)


And you’re done!

Follow up with 100% vegan-friendly, plant based Prana on Protein or 100% Pure Whey Protein to stimulate muscle development and enhance your immune system, which is extra important coming into Winter. Also you can check out our 5 steps to success with meal replacements.


Cool Down Options

Cooling down is just as important as warming up. After exercising your body needs a little bit of time to just chill out and relax.

Yoga is a great option when it comes to a cool down routine that works on the mind, body and soul. Down Dog is a fantastic app that provides pre-set yoga routines that are customisable to suit your needs. Simply choose a short, 10 to 20-minute routine that focuses on full body stretches.

You could also take another light, 10-minute jog if you wanted to keep your warm up and cool down routines consistent. 

Once complete, sit down to a cup of Body Science’s Clean Coffee or Green Tea TX100 to pump yourself up or calm your mood depending on the time of day.

What are your thoughts on our Winter workout tips? Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comments.

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

We’re taking this opportunity to go into hibernation for the next 7 months or so. Wake us up when 2020 ends!

If you’d like any advice surrounding the best supplements for your Winter workout routine, please get in touch with us or visit us in store today!

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