SA Xtreme Lean Cut – Includes: MK-2866, S4 & RAD-140

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Includes: MK-2866, S4, RAD-140 + Free Shirt + Free Shaker

hard gainer mk-2866

1 x SA - Hard Gainer (MK-2866)


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Alpha .... australia

1 x SA - Alpha Strength (YK11)


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RAD 140

1 x SA - Insane Strength (RAD-140)


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The Supplement Stop Shaker

1 x Shaker

The Official 'The Supplement Stop' Shaker It comes FREE with all orders over $200.

1 x Supp Stop Unisex Shirt

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MK-2866 = $184 (normally $189)
S4 = $184 (normally $189)
RAD-140 = $184 (normally $189)

SUBTOTAL = $552.00

SAVE $15.00 if you buy this “XTREME LEAN CUT” stack!

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  • They have to commit for 12 weeks
  • Ideally they need to take Nova with Yk 11 and only Yk 11PCT (post cycle therapy)
  • After 12 weeks they have to take Nova with 2866 with d aspartic acid for 4 weeks
  • Yk 11 is purely for thick bulk
  • S4 is for lean bulk taken 30 mins before they train
  • 2866 is for lean dry look
  • 677 is taken .5 ml mid morning and .5ml mid arvo
  • GW is only for weight loss taken 30 mins before training
  • Tight rad taken 30 mins before they train fat stripper and lean bulk
  • S4 there are two side effects yellow vision and slow adjusting vision
  • GW taken 5 days on and 2 days off

See our Sarms Australia page.

1 review for SA Xtreme Lean Cut – Includes: MK-2866, S4 & RAD-140

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Lost body fat recovery was next level

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