Lust Protein Bar By EHP Labs

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Lust Protein Bars have been created for those people looking for a protein bar with a sinfully good taste and an excellent macronutrient profile.

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Product Details

EHP Labs has created Lust Natural Protein Bars, a combination of a high-quality protein blend, low fat and carbs, and a mix of prebiotics, collagen, B vitamins and vitamin D3.

Add a delicious treat to your daily intake of nutrients with Lust Natural Protein Bars. Make sure your hard work at the gym is paying off with the right diet. Lust Bars will give you the right amount of protein, fat and carbs to keep you on track.

When you consume Lust Natural Protein Bar, you’ll:

  • Have an ultra-low carb protein bar with high protein content. This is great to keep you fuller for longer stopping you from snacking on unhealthy choices.
  • Consume a bar full of prebiotics, vitamins and collagen, which will help to promote stronger bones and digestive system, so you are healthy from the inside out.
  • Get a delicious snack that can be consumed in between meals so that you can keep track of your macronutrients.
  • Have a low carbohydrate and fat bar, so you will not crash as you normally would if having an unhealthy snack.
  • Have a convenient on-the-go snack for when you need in between meals.

Get your daily intake of protein with a delicious protein bar from EHP Labs. Lust Protein Bars not only taste great, but they also have the right amount of protein, fat, and carbs so you can easily hit your macros. The bars have added prebiotics, B vitamins, collagen and vitamin D, giving you a complete protein bar to snack on.

When you hit the afternoon slump reach out for Lust Protein Bars. With delicious flavours to choose from Lust is more than just a protein bar. Try it out today!

Each Lust Natural Protein Bars by EHP Labs has:

  • 212 calories
  • 18g of high-quality protein blend including hydrolysed collagen
  • 6.8g of fat and only 3.4g is saturated
  • 3.4g of carbohydrates and only 2.6g of sugar, which is from natural fruit pastes
  • 1mg of vitamin B3, which helps with the function of the digestive system.
  • 0.5mg of vitamin B5, which helps to convert the food eaten into energy.
  • 20mcg of vitamin B9, which will help with brain function.
  • 0.2gmcg of vitamin B12, which will help with the production of red blood cells.
  • 1mcg of vitamin D, which will help the body to absorb calcium.
  • No added sugar, flavours or colours.

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