Protein 100% Whey Isolate by Muscle Nation

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  • Gluten Free & Non-GMO
  • Contains under 1% lactose
  • 28g protein per serve
  • 6.3g BCAAS
  • 4.3g Glutamine
  • ZERO fillers

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Muscle Nation Whey Isolate Protein is ideal for post-workouts and will support your nutritional needs when those cravings hit. It is high in protein, low carb and low fat. You can enjoy this protein shake by mixing it with either water or the milk of your choice. 100% Whey Protein Isolate is not a thick protein drink. It is great for those who are lactose intolerant or suffer from bloating as it contains less than 1% lactose and contains ingredients to assist digestion and absorption.


With protein supplements, not all proteins are the same. To read up on the different types of protein, you can check out our comprehensive guide on Protein Powders.

This supplement by Muscle Nation contains 100% Whey Isolate. The benefits of a whey isolate include the following:

  • Lower lactose content meaning this is an excellent protein choice for people who are lactose intolerant.
  • Lower carbohydrate content
  • Lower fat content
  • Higher protein content than whey protein concentrate (90%)
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • More highly refined.

For many supplement users who are serious about their training and recovery and want a nutritional-based supplement, protein is their weapon of choice.

Why Choose Muscle Nation 100% Whey Isolate Protein?

Whey isolate Protein will help with building muscle, losing weight and assist in the recovery process post-workout.

Muscle Nation’s Whey Protein Isolate Benefits:

  • Speedy absorption and easily digested with no stomach discomfort or bloating
  • High protein (28g protein per serve), low carb and low-fat protein shake
  • Contains less than 1% lactose
  • Gluten free, non-GMO with zero fillers
  • Ideal for post-workout, it can be added to smoothies and taken as a snack to curb your sweet tooth cravings
  • You can mix it with water, or your chosen milk
  • Whey Protein Isolate is not thick (watery in texture),it’s a very pure, high serve of protein!
  • This is an ultra filtered premium Whey Protein Isolate.

Great Flavours Available:

  • Choc Hazelnut – For lovers of Ferrero Rochers, this combination of Chocolate and Hazelnut will give you the golden experience without the guilt.
  • Cookies & Cream – Bring back those childhood memories in this sweet dessert, creamy and rich, this is absolutely delicious!
  • Choc Honeycomb – Like a crunchie bar, but better, this sweet toffee flavour will knock your socks off – true honeycomb sweetness layered with delicate chocolate, this is what dreams are made of.
  • Caramel Popcorn – The ultimate mix of flavour – who can resist caramel and popcorn – they are a flavour match from the heavens. Be sure to give this one a go if you are a pop-corn-eating movie buff!

High Quality Protein

If you are looking for a new post-workout recovery protein supplement, Muscle Nation Whey Protein is a great choice. It is a high quality, fast digesting, 100% ISOLATE protein powder.

Fast Digestion

The Whey Protein Isolate used contains high protein levels with low amounts of carbohydrates and fat, combined with ingredients to aid digestion and absorption. Whey Protein Isolate is highly sought-after by anyone looking for a fast-digesting post-workout protein. If you suffer from digestion issues or stomach discomfort from other protein powders, you should give Muscle Nation a try.

Their protein is efficiently absorbed, digested and free from side effects such as bloating and stomach discomfort. They have made this breakthrough by including key ingredients to significantly enhance digestion and absorption – DigeZyme®️ .

DigeZyme®️ Enzymes To Enhance Absorption

DigeZyme®️ is a unique blend of specific digestive enzymes that helps speed up digestion by breaking down lactose, starch, glycogen, cellulose, lipids and protein into smaller particles. This allows for better absorption and utilisation of nutrients. With the addition of DigeZyme, you will benefit from an enhanced rate of digestion (no bloating or stomach discomfort) and faster absorption of amino acids into your bloodstream.

How Muscle Nation’s Whey Isolate Protein Isolate Helps You

Whey Protein Isolate assists the body after exercise. When you exercise and place strain on your muscle tissues, your body requires protein for repair. Muscle Protein Synthesis(MPS) is the term used to describe the body’s ability to repair and build muscle tissue post-exercise. When you exercise, this muscle protein synthesis is initiated and your body naturally kicks in to start the process of muscular rehabilitation. Taking a protein supplement post-workout provides the fuel to continue this repair process. It is important to note that MPS results in muscle growth. If you are trying to improve lean muscle mass, then 100% Whey Isolate By Muscle Nation can be of assistance to you.

How To Take 100% Whey Protein Isolate

Take one to two serves daily by mixing the protein powder with either water or your choice of milk. The Supplement Stop recommends taking this as post-workout supplement to assist with MPS and as a snack to curb sugar cravings when they hit mid afternoon.

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Caramel Popcorn, Choc Hazelnut, Cookies & Cream, Choc Mint Cookies, Milk Chocolate Flake


30 serves


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