5% Nutrition 5150 Pre-Workout Blue Ice Sports Supplement5% Nutrition 5150 Pre-Workout Blue Ice Sports Supplement

5150 Pre-Workout By 5% Nutrition

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The NEW! 5150 Legendary Series delivers a supercharged punch with over 400mg of Caffeine per serving, plus the revolutionary energy and nootropic Cocoabuterol®

Enhanced Endurance
Supercharged with Caffeine
Intense Mental Focus
Mood Enhancer
Insane Pumps & Vascularity


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If you’re a true master of the craft and lifting is your life, then you already know 5% Nutrition is the only LIFESTYLE to GROW by. The very name of this product should be warning enough that you’re heading into deeper waters.


What is the meaning of 5150?

Rich Piana specifically chose the name “5150” for this ultra-high stimulant pre-workout to convey that this product was not for the ordinary but for only the serious stim junkies among us.

And while Rich wasn’t insinuating that taking a few scoops of 5150 would result in a 72-hour “involuntary psychiatric hold”, he wanted to convey that this product meant business!

Have you grown bored of other pre-workouts, having ‘tried them all’ before?

Are you searching for results that seem to lay beyond the normal conditions of training?

Do you want to focus and energise your workout while hydrating your muscles and keeping your body anabolic?

If yes, then you may have met the qualifications to start training like a true 5%ER; to enter the territory where only a few thrive: mass monster territory.

Suppose you routinely seek the pain of a long training session and routinely need to be spotted by at least two smaller freaks of the gym. In that case, we’d like to welcome you to 5150 Legendary Series High-Stim Pre-Workout. Check out the vid!

Break loose and attack your workout the way you want with a pre built for 5% Nutrition style hardcore workouts. Improve energy and focus, and may be useful for weight loss too as you build muscle.

There are so many lifters out there needing to take 2 – 3 scoops of a pre-workout just to meet their stimulant cravings, and they are still finding that their choice of supplement is greatly lacking in some way or another. If this is you, 5150 is exactly what you have been waiting so long for. One scoop is all you need for all that you are looking for.

You are only 1 scoop away from never going back to the same old supplements and the same old training. The weights never expected you to come into the gym like this before. So enter the the gym and hear them clank and shiver in fear, cause there’s a 5150 Pre-Workout on the loose and ready to dominate their workout!

5150 Directions:

The Supplement Stop recommends mixing one scoop of 5150 (12.5g) with 200ml – 300ml of cold water and shake well. 5150 should be consumed 20 – 30 minutes BEFORE training. We recommend consuming it on an empty stomach and drinking plenty of water when training for best results.

Beginners should start with a ½ scoop serving and build their resistance up until they are ready for a full scoop. We do not recommend exceeding 1 scoop in a 24 hour period as this product is highly potent. Do not consume after 5pm as this could impact your sleep.

Mega-Dosed Ingredients To Pump The Blood Flow

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
High Stim Crazy Caffeine Complex
Beta Alanine
Choline Bitartrate
Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline 50%
Cocoa Alkaloid Extract
Synephrine Hydrochloride
Toothed Clubmoss
Caffeine Anhydrous
Dicaffeine Malate (Infinergy™)
Caffeine (from Green Tea (Leaf))
Yerba Mate Extract (Leaf)
Guarana Seed Extract (Paullinia cupana)
Rauvolfia Canescens (Alpha-Yohimbine)(Whole Plant)
Green Coffee Bean Extract (Seed)
Gotu Kola Extract (Centella asiatica)(Whole Herb)
Silicon Dioxide, Natural & Artificial Flavours, Sucralose and Citric Acid.

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Blue Ice, Wildberry, Green Apple, Tropical Rage


30 serves

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