EAA Blast - Jupter Juice Watermelon - Max'sEAA Blast - Jupter Juice Watermelon - Max's

EAA Blast By Max’s


  • Supercharges Muscle Synthesis
  • Full Spectrum of Essential Amino Acids
  • 12G Of Amino Acids per serve.
  • 4G of L-Leucine for Improved Synthesis
  • Improves Recovery Window
  • Awesome Taste
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The Essential For Recovery and Muscle Growth

Packed with essential amino acids for repair and muscle growth, EAA Blast delivers a science-backed formula that delivers best results for your workouts and tastes awesome.

High in L-Leucine

EAA Blast is packed with L-Leucine, scientifically considered the MOST important amino acid for protein synthesis, by activating the mTOR pathway. EAA Blast contains an insane 4g of L-Leucine per serve, to ensure a sustained recovery window and deliver MAXIMUM muscle gains. Added Glutamine will supercharge your mTOR and protein synthesis to beast levels in this scientifically designed formula for maximum muscle growth and performance.


Jupiter Juice Watermelon, Cosmic Cola


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