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What is Safe2Pay?

Safe2Pay is a revolutionary online payments platform offering the highest level of security available through its patent protected dynamic tokenization platform (tokenised payments). Safe2Pay users can use any of their preferred card accounts (Visa or Mastercard, etc), including scheme credit, scheme debit, bank account, prepaid and gift card accounts.

Can I contact Safe2Pay?

Yes. Email: [email protected] or call 1800 723 327.

Where are Safe2Pay based?

They are an Australian company currently located at 100 Walker St, North Sydney, NSW.

What are tokenised payments?

Tokenised payments are when a proxy card number is used instead of the user’s actual card details. This radically reduces any chance of card fraud taking place as a tokenised card number only works when it reaches its final destination. If someone was to steal a user’s tokenised card number, it would be useless. It’s like trying to use tokens from a games arcade at a department store – it wouldn’t be accepted.

Why should I trust Safe2Pay?

Safe2Pay has created one of the most secure payment ecosystems available in the market today. To be able to offer you the most secure payment service available, Safe2Pay partnered with these widely known, recognisable brands; First Data, Oracle, Westpac and Ingenico. Safe2Pay are PCI DSS Level 1 compliant hosting provider. Safe2Pay’s credentials can be found below.

What does Safe2Pay’s partnership with Westpac mean?

Safe2Pay is one of Westpac’s preferred third-party payment gateways. It means they are reliable and trustworthy.

Why does TSS offer Safe2Pay?

So we can accept card payments in a secure way that doesn’t put our customers at risk.

Safe2Pay Credentials