How to request a return and replacement:

If a product you receive:

  • is damaged during shipment; or
  • arrives after its expiration date; or
  • is not what you ordered;

Please be sure to let us know about it within 7 days of purchasing it, we will send you a replacement within 3-5 business days, at no charge. When we send you a replacement, if applicable, we may also refund the delivery/return charges to return the original product you received.

How to request a full refund:

If the product is unsealed or otherwise broken we will happily meet our legal obligations which may include refunding the purchase price and delivery/return charges if applicable or providing a replacement product provided the item is returned within 10 days with proof or purchase.

How to begin processing a return or refund:

To begin processing any type of return or refund, please email our Customer Service team by filling out our ‘Contact Us‘ form, and provide:

  • your name;
  • your contact phone number;
  • the order number;
  • the address you want the replacement delivered to (if applicable);
  • the bank account you want the refund paid back into (if applicable);
  • and the reason for returning the product (if applicable).

Once a member of our team has received your return or refund request, they will contact you within 24 hours (email or phone) and let you know the outcome of your request and when you should expect delivery of the replacement product or your refund.

What happens if I receive the wrong package?

If the wrong package is delivered to you please contact us immediately and make us aware of the problem, being sure to let us know what package you did receive (customer details). You are then entitled to keep the package and its contents. We will then arrange for your correct package to be delivered to you as fast as possible via a courier, while you kick back and enjoy the free products.