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Redcon1 – MRE Review

by sean / January 19, 2018

Redcon1 – MRE Product Review by Ashley Tilley

This week’s video blog is on one of our newest products to drop this week on our shelves MRE.

What is MRE by Redcon1?

Redcon1‘s MRE is a high quality whole food meal replacement/mass gain supplement.

This uses only the best nutrient sources to ensure you have a real food supplement to help increase muscle size, strength & performance. Commonly known as meals ready to eat (MRE) these are rations that are given to soldiers on deployment to keep them fuelled up.

How can MRE by Redcon1 help me?

Some of MRE’s benefits include:

  • Multiple quality protein sources
  • Low GI carbohydrate sources
  • Dairy free
  • 525 calories per serve
  • Added healthy fats
  • Amazing flavours!
  • High quality meal replacement

The most important thing you can fuel your body with is real food! This is exactly what Redcon1 have done with MRE.

What is in MRE by Redcon1?

The protein sources used include high quality beef protein isolate, salmon protein, chicken protein, egg albumen, brown rice protein and pea protein.

Each protein source has a different amino acid profile-each of with having its own benefits. The variety of protein sources used in MRE means you get the best of multiple sources and have a very rich amino acid profile.

When it comes to carbohydrates no expense was spared with only the best sources used. You get a blend of rolled oats, dehydrated yams & dehydrated sweet potato. It doesn’t get much better than that and these are both very clean carb sources and rich in micronutrients.

Redcon1 went a step further with this and added blueberry, goji berry and MCT’s so you have a truly epic meal replacement!

This is a seriously quality product and if you’re looking for a real food supplement this the one you need.

Where can I buy Redcon1’s MRE?

Available at Belmont and Jesmond as well as online which we do offer Afterpay for your convenience.

Happy Friday everybody stay tuned for next week’s video blog.

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