3 Proven Ways to Burn Fat Fast (With Long-Term Results)

by Ash Tilley / May 21, 2020

The secret to burning fat fast is a 3-step method: Mindset, Input and Output. “Mindset” refers to taking steps to change the way you think about weight loss and build your commitment to burning fat. “Input” means changing your eating habits to promote fast fat reduction. “Output” means, you guessed it, adding the right types of exercise to your lifestyle in order to burn fat fast. Supplementation such as a high quality fat burner such as Oxyshred is also beneficial to give yourself the edge whilst following the suggestions in this post.

What are the risks of substantial belly fat?

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart conditions
  • Mental health decline

Soooooo what do I do?…

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to make drastic changes. Of course, giving up the sweets completely is likely going to show bigger weight loss outcomes. It is, however, important to understand that this is a tactic that doesn’t often lead to long-term results. Making small lifestyle changes over time by gradually altering your Mindset, Input and Output is a much better way to form lasting healthy habits. You’ll still lose fat fast; you’ll just be doing it in a way that promotes long-term results.

If Homer can do it, so can you!

How do I change my mindset?

Changing your mindset and forming healthy habits to promote fast weight loss starts with knowing your self-worth and taking small steps to achieve big results. You do deserve to look and feel your best. You can change your life by starting small and working your way up. 


Here are 3 Ways to Burn Fat Fast

  1. Leave notes for yourself around the house. This could be on your mirror, your fridge, etc. Notes should affirm a positive body image, “I deserve to be happy and healthy” or “I’m doing this for me”.
  2. Make a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid, as per our suggestions below. Stick to it.
  3. Break your new routine down into small, achievable goals. Aim for 30 crunches per day, then increase the number as you feel comfortable. Choose 2 days of the week where you cut sugar out completely. Increase this number as you go.

What foods should I eat to burn fat fast?

It may not technically be a food but the best thing you can do to promote fast weight loss is drink more water! If you don’t drink enough water your body tends to overcompensate by retaining as much water as it can – this is a common cause of bloating.

The best foods you can eat for fast weight loss are fibrous foods such as cereals, mushrooms and sweet potato. Snack on carrot sticks with hummus dip throughout the day instead of chocolates or lollies. 

It also helps if you chew your food properly! That way your food is more easily digested, allowing it to pass through your body at a faster rate.

What foods should I avoid to burn fat fast?

Don’t chew gum! This is often suggested as a fix to food cravings, but it can actually stimulate digestive enzymes, leaving you even hungrier!

Foods to avoid when the goal is to lose weight fast include certain veggies such as broccoli and cabbage as they have been proven to cause bloating and digestive discomfort. 

Carbohydrates are everyone’s favourite food group, but that croissant you’re about to eat for lunch is going to add way too many calories to the daily tally. 

Dairy is also guilty of causing bloating. No more regular snacking on shredded cheese straight from the bag at 3am!



What foods are good and bad for burning fat?

Fibre – GOOD

Water – GOOD

Dairy – BAD

Carbohydrates – BAD

What exercises will help me burn fat fast?

The best exercises to help burn fat fast are HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts and other exercises that target the entire body. You may think that doing 1000 crunches or squats per day to target problem areas is the best way to lose weight fast, but that’s just not how it works.

Your body is a well-oiled machine. It needs to be maintained all over in order to see results. You’ll burn fat faster by incorporating a full body exercise routine into your lifestyle. Just one 30-minute HIIT workout per day, paired with a few tweaks to your diets can show amazing results within just one week. You can read more about our 15 minute HIIT workout at home.

What are the best exercises to burn belly fat?

  • HIIT workouts
  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers
  • Running on an incline

Recap: Mindset, Input and Output

This is your proven 3-step method to losing weight fast and burning any excess fat quickly. Not just that, you’re keeping your long-term goals in mind and taking steps towards a healthier, happier lifestyle in the process.

What foods do you turn to when you want to lose fat fast? How about your favourite fat burning exercises? Let us know in the comments.

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And here is homer again!

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May 21st, 2020

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