Protein Bread Co

Double Enjoyment with The Protein Bread Co

Foods so Delicious you enjoy now and so Healthy you feel great later!

The Protein Bread Co is based in Sydney, Australia we create Natural, Low Carb Foods with Plant-Based, Keto Friendly & Gluten-Free options.

Protein Bread Co was founded back in 2012 after our Founder, Anna Hopkins switched to a low carb diet herself and loved the changes to her body and mind!

With a desire to help as many people as possible also experience these benefits, Anna recognised that living low carb could be a lot easier and more successful if instead of missing out on foods such as bread, there was simply a lower carb option to enjoy.

That was back in 2012 – a lot has changed since then, but one thing hasn’t – our desire to make low carb living easy & enjoyable to everyone.

Today, we offer an extensive range of natural, low carb foods, everything from cupcakes to pizza and cookies in between! Whatever the reason for your low carb life, we’re here to support you on your journey, (and make sure you don’t have to miss out!)

With a background in food retail, a passion for health and wellness and a love of baking, Anna’s goal is to make low carb living easy & enjoyable so everyone can experience the life-changing benefits of this way of life.

Who are we really?

As the MD of Protein Bread Co and with an energetic 1-year-old, Anna loves low carb more than ever, as it gives her the energy to power through each day, keeps her in shape without endless hours at the gym and provides the mental clarity to make the best business decisions. Win Win Win.

Double Enjoyment was born from Anna’s belief that anything is possible, and desire to have it all.

We have a huge range of Protein Bread Co products. Buy Protein Bread Co. supps online at The Supplement Stop Australia. Afterpay, ZipPay and PayPal available.

Where do you make your products?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our healthy baking mixes and how we create and manufacture them. All our baking mix products are made in-house in our HACCP certified manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia.

Are your products keto friendly?

Our products are definitely keto-friendly 🙂

In fact, our story started when Anna Hopkins made Protein Bread in her cafe in Sydney for customers wanting to remove carbs from their diet. With Under 2g of carbs per serve (2 slices), it’s Australia’s Lowest Carb Bread and powering many keto dieters each day 🙂

Many of our Keto customers find it incredibly helpful to be able to still enjoy toast whilst maintaining their keto diet plus many of our products are below 5 g of carbs per serve, meaning you can eat them with confidence.

What is the difference between Net carbs vs Total Carbs?

In Australia & New Zealand, the Total Carbohydrates value in the Nutrition Information Panel excludes Fibre. So you don’t need to deduct the fibre (or anything!) from the Carbohydrate total. This is also known as Net Carbs in the USA.

For example, if a label says:

Carbohydrates 5g of net carbs
of which Sugars 2 g
Dietary Fibre 4 g

The total carbs listed on the label is the available carbs which is the 5g and this is the value to include in your daily carb count (if tracking macro’s). This figure does not include the fibre of 4 g.

The fibre content listed on all Nutrition Information Panels (NIP) in Australia and New Zealand (including our Nutrition panel) under Dietary Fibre is a combination of Insoluble Fibre and Soluble Fibre.

What is Lupin flour?

Lupin is a type of legume belonging to the same plant family as peas and peanuts.

Lupins are the world’s richest natural source of combined protein and dietary fibre. Comprising 40% protein and 37% fibre, lupins are also a great source of minerals, contain prebiotic fibre, and are also gluten-free.

Protein Bread Co source lupin flour from Irwin Valley in Western Australia using specially bred lupin varieties that meet our manufacturing and product requirements.

Does Protein Bread Co use sugar?

Protein Bread Co don’t add sugar to any of our products 🙂 Sweet!

You may see a small number of sugars in the nutrition panel of each product. These are naturally occurring sugars found in the amazing natural ingredients we use which we cannot remove.

But given how low carb our products are, we don’t really need too 🙂

Can I bake Protein Bread Co without using eggs??

No, our Protein Bread Co products need a binding agent such as an egg and yes, you can use any of the popular egg replacement products available in supermarkets (though please note the texture and nuturition will change).

We recommend our Vegan Egg Replacer! 🙂