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The Macro Mike story began with local pub crawl salesperson, bodybuilder and now supplement company success story founder Mike Kellett. Mike was dealing with ongoing IBS issues and went on a FOMAP elimination diet with both gluten and dairy to be his main Irritable bowel syndrome triggers.

8 Things to love about Macro Mike Supplements;

  • They are Vegan!
  • They are the best quality whole foods
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy Free
  • 100% Natural
  • GMO Free
  • No refined sugars
  • No artificial colours or flavours

The MacroMike Adventure

MacroMike decided to start baking macro-friendly clean treats that were 100% gluten-free & dairy-free. Macro Mike handpicked only the best quality whole foods known around the globe and tirelessly crafted his products with one simple focus in mind.
My mission is to give back to anyone who ever feels they have ever had to restrict themselves from food
The market was saturated with brands replicating each other and fighting for shelf space in-store or cart space online selling almost identical products.
It was considered crazy to even attempt something in the health and fitness industry these days, but Mike trusted his vision, found his tribe and had faith that the product would speak for itself.
Plant based products, which are often blended and packed by the same manufacturers, had almost identical ingredients, texture and taste. Mike saw the common denominator of customer feedback in plant-based/vegan protein was a chalky, sandy, unappealing texture with bland un-inspiring flavours.
MacroMike searched and searched for a protein that was smooth, creamy, delicious and on par with dairy based proteins, however it didn’t exist. It seemed that every time someone spoke about ‘The best vegan protein’ it was always paired with “It tastes good… for a vegan protein.”
Macro Mike Supplements Australia

A time for change

Macro Mike wanted to change this and refused to spend ridiculous amounts of money on overpriced bags of terrible tasting product. He decided he was going to make the best tasting vegan protein in the damn UNIVERSE.
Now, Macro Mike has a massive range of Baking Mixes, Powdered Peanut Butter flavours, Protein Powder flavours, Protein Bars, and Health and Wellness supplements, with a scope that’s rapidly growing and constantly evolving (i.e. limited-edition holiday flavours!). We’re setting the gold standard in gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan protein, snacks and supplements.
Macro Mike use 100% natural, GMO-free ingredients, with no refined sugars, artificial colours or flavours. We’re pioneering a new level of food groups that are ‘Macro Friendly’ (meaning nutritionally balanced).
People from all walks of life enjoy our goodies, from parents feeding their kids healthy sugar-free treats, to bodybuilders bulking up for big lifts, to vegans sick of eating sandy protein and flavourless baking. We’ve helped people with IBS, chronic health issues, and beyond.
Macro Mike is helping the vegan industry overcome the stigma of bland tasting products, all while taking on the supplements industry traditionally full of nasty chemicals.

Moving Forward

Fast forward 2 years and what started as baking brownies in his 1-bedroom apartment, Macro Mike HQ now sits within a 350 Sqm state of the art production facility and soon to open Macro Friendly Cafe in the heart of the Gold Coast.

With the health and fitness industry being one of the most over-saturated markets of our time it’s considered crazy to even attempt something in the industry these days but Mike trusted his vision, found his tribe and had faith that the product would speak for itself.

His story is one beaming with resilience and the power of self-belief. His setbacks, trials and tribulations provide gems of wisdom for any aspiring entrepreneur.

In less than two years the Macro Mike range has expanded from 2 products to over 50, Macro Mike is stocked in 750 stores Australia wide and has a gained a popular following online. With business and entrepreneur awards stacking up, the growth of the business is undeniable.

Macro Mike has built a genuine online following and the Macro Mike tribe has expanded to thousands of loyal customers.

“We’ve held our own against some of the biggest names in the industry and received exponential growth from our presence and success at some of the biggest and most prestigious health and fitness events in the world, leaving many in the industry scratching their heads wondering how we do it”.

Macro Mike products now sit on the shelves of hundreds of the busiest and most sought after health food and supplement stores across Australia. As Mike continues to work on expanding the Macro Mike range and some exciting new projects set to launch in early 2019.