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Fusion Health: where ancient wisdom meets modern medicine

Our philosophy

At Fusion Health, we believe the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine – with its emphasis on achieving and maintaining balance and harmony of the body, mind and spirit – can help you experience the health, vitality and wellbeing you’re looking for.

Fusion Health history

Established in Byron Bay in 1999, Fusion Health was born out of our co-founder Paul Keogh’s experience formulating Chinese and Western herbal extracts.

Paul consistently observed that incorporating Chinese herbal extracts into his formulas provided significantly greater therapeutic and health benefits than formulating with Western herbal extracts alone.

Inspired by these results and by the accumulated wisdom inherent in a system of medicine that’s been practised for more than 2000 years, Paul became passionate about making the power of Chinese medicine more accessible to Australians and teamed up with natural health industry veteran Geoff Teasel to do so.

The unique range of natural health products they developed by integrating the ancient wisdom of Chinese herbalism and the scientific validation of modern medicine became Fusion Health, which was acquired by the Blackmores Group in 2016.

Today, Fusion Health is Australia’s leading provider of Chinese herbal medicines in health food stores, and co-founder Paul Keogh continues to play a key role in our new product development.

Our quality commitment

Our commitment to providing you with the best possible products underscores everything we do at Fusion Health.

All our products are professionally formulated by our in-house experts who source high-quality herbal and nutraceutical active ingredients from around the world, and are proudly formulated in Australia, and manufactured to Australian standards for complementary medicine and according to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

You can take Fusion Health products with confidence, knowing that our manufacturing processes include a wide range of stringent quality controls, including:

  • Extensive international sourcing of premium-grade raw materials
  • State-of-the-art authentication and validation procedures to ensure the purity and potency of our herbal ingredients and the correct composition of our nutrients
  • Stringent testing for pesticides, heavy metals and toxic residues
  • Rigorous analysis of finished goods prior to their release for sale to confirm they meet our high-quality standards, which is conducted by TGA-certified laboratories
  • Stability studies to guarantee that the quality of our products remains consistent right through to the end of their shelf life

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Fusion Health FAQ

What is Fusion Health?

At Fusion® Health, we believe the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine – with its emphasis on achieving and maintaining balance and harmony of the body, mind and spirit – can help you experience the health, vitality and wellbeing you’re looking for.

What Fusion Health Supplement is best for me?

Perhaps you’ve had a few minor infections and don’t want to be laid low again, or maybe you’ve got a lot on your plate at and are determined to look after your health as best you can.

This is the time to consider taking herbal formulas with astragalus to support resistance to minor infections. Astragalus is also traditionally used in Chinese herbal medicine to support immune function. Also look out for Siberian ginseng which is traditionally used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to improve resistance to stress.

Also consider taking a Fusion Health supplement containing 1000mg vitamin C, plus zinc, to support healthy immune system function and support the immune system in fighting mild upper respiratory tract infections.

If you get the sense that you’re catching a cold, acting promptly may help to limit its impact.

In particular, the herb Andrographis may help relieve symptoms of the common cold and flu, mild fevers, tiredness and symptoms of a sore throat. It’s recommended to take Andrographis as quickly as possible after the onset of a cold for the best chance in reducing its impact.

In TCM, herbs such as Japanese catnip have traditionally been used in the treatment of minor infections of the upper respiratory tract and alongside echinacea, used in Western herbal medicine, to relieve mild fever. Among other Chinese herbs, balloon flower is traditionally used in TCM to relieve congestion of the respiratory tract.

Try xanthium, which is traditionally used in TCM to ease sinus headaches and a blocked nose.

Magnolia may also be beneficial because it is traditionally used in TCM for its anti-infective and decongestant properties and can help to relieve a runny nose.

Coughing often occurs at the tail end of an upper respiratory tract infection and can sometimes persist for several weeks after other symptoms have cleared up.

Herbs that have traditionally been used in Western herbal medicine to relieve mild bronchial cough include white horehound and elecampane.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the herbs stemona and Chinese licorice may be beneficial for healthy lung function and are also traditionally used to relieve coughs.

Fusion Health vitamin products represent the ancient wisdom of Chinese herbal medicine, transformed by modern scientific methods of extraction.