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ATP Science Australia is one of The Supplement Stops favourite brands. Ranging from Gut health to performance supplements through to mass gainers and fat burners.

ATP Science pride themselves on being worlds apart from other health companies. This is one of the reasons The Supplement Store love to stock these products and provide them at discounted rates to our customers.

Scientific Results – The Basis of ATP Science’s Ethos

The ATP Science saying is “results not excuses” and they certainly operate their business by that rule. Across every process and  in everything they do.

The team at ATP believe that in order to help people achieve their health goals, products need to be developed and supported by sound fundamentals. Backing up their great products with solid information to help you achieve your goals. Their focus is on ensuring you can understand and implement the advice and achieve great results.

19 ATP Scientific Supplements

We have 19 ATP Science Supplements on offer at TSS.

  • Acetyl L Carnitine – Energy conversion Amino Acid.
  • Noway Protein – Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides.
  • Creatine Monohydrate – Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate.
  • Gutright – Modbiotic® formulation.
  • Venus E Tox – Supporting female reproductive system health.
  • Adrenal RX – Supports general mental wellbeing.
  • Z Mag – Healthy immune system function and muscle relaxation.
  • L-Glutamine – Real muscle food.
  • Resilience – The ultimate immune system protector.
  • BCAA 2:1:1 – Complex Amino Acids.
  • Golden Oil – 100% Plant based Omegas.
  • Thyroid FX – Improves Body Metabolism.
  • Amperage – Pre-Workout supplement.
  • Noway Hot Chocolate.
  • Gutright Daily.
  • Vital Food – Phytonutrient superfood with calcium.
  • Alpha Jupiter – Testosterone booster.
  • Alpha Apex – Hormone balance suport.

What separates ATP Science from the rest?

ATP Science strive to create “best in class” or unique products that no company in their right mind would create. Why, you might ask?  The folks at ATP quote a venture capitalist they once spoke to “educating the market is business suicide”.

Well – they did it anyway! As others have started copying the methodology behind this pioneering company, they have struggled to come close to the mark.

You see, ATP Science come from a product development mindset, they look at problems and create solutions. Google searches and marketing focus groups were not part of the product creation process. Atp say, “We look at problems and then look at the means to solve that problem, without looking at what other people are doing”.

Doing this has resulted in 3 global patents in product category’s they believe are unique. Totally new classifications because at ATP Science, they make their own path and help people to get the results they deserve.

So how did ATP Science come into existence?

On a cold winters day in 2010 a Graphic artist, Scientist and Businessman walk into a coffee shop and were never the same again.

Toni and Jeff, sat under gas lit heater, cupping a mug-o-chino waiting for this legendary “rock star formulator” to arrive.

The guy sounded like a super nerd, formulating for the who’s who of supplement companies, a brilliant naturopath and all round amazing talent.

Expecting to see a balding glass-wearing super geek with a massive cranium – both Jeff and Toni were taken aback when Matt entered the shop.

Looking more like a front row forward, tall and heavy set with long curly hair – he could not have looked further from what they had envisioned.  “Gday, Im Matt” he said sticking out his hand, his broad “ocker Aussie” accent more reminiscent of Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter than any nerd.

But like most things in life the diamonds are sometimes in the rough.

Jeff and Toni were soon to discover this scientist was exactly what they had been looking for; brilliant, honest and uncompromising (and as he would say “devilishly handsome”).

For Matt, Jeff and Toni were just the business people he had wished to meet and somewhat of a rarity – they were honest.

One thing was for sure – nothing was going to be the same after that day and very soon after they met Jeff, Toni and Matt founded Advanced Technology and Pharmacology Science.

This is now known as ATP Science Australia (which is way easier to say AND write) and set about with a simple idea – to change the world and make people better one person at a time.

ATP Science products

ATP Science is 100% Australian owned and manufactured, ATP Science ensures quality control by doing everything in-house – from distribution and branding to marketing and manufacturing.

ATP stands for Advanced Technology and Pharmacology. ATP Science believes you deserve the right to take responsibility for your own health, vitality and physique.

ATP Science Pty Ltd, an innovative health supplements and nutraceutical company based in Australia, has been listed in the 2018 Australian Financial Review Fast 100 as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia. Nov 16, 2018

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