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Protein Powder’s essential macro-nutrients encourage muscle growth and repair, help maintain a healthy immune system, and support a healthy appetite. At The Supplement Stop we have a wide range of Protein Powders to help you get the most out of your day, out of your workout and out of your body. We stock the best Protein Powder supplements & sports nutrition designed for optimum performance containing high amounts of protein and essential amino acids.

What is the best protein powder in Australia?

Protein performs an essential role in the daily functioning of our bodies. It is required for muscle growth, healing and recovery, reproduction and supporting a healthy immune system. Protein is used by the body to build and repair tissue, meaning it is an essential macronutrient for muscle growth. It also enhances brain function, decreases fatigue, and helps with weight loss by reducing appetite and craving hormone levels.

Various protein profiles (whey, casein (milk protein) and plant-based) are manufactured into powered form that you consume orally. You can boost the amount of protein you consume each day by mixing the powder into drinks or sprinkling over food. We stock a wide range of the best Protein Powder Afterpay & ZipPay available online in Australia, including Whey, Casein isolates (milk protein) and plant-based blends, there’s something for everyone.

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Looking for The Best Protein Powder in 2021?

Do you want to try the best protein powder in Australia for 2021? Well, finding the absolute best is always a matter of personal preference and not an easy question to answer. We need to identify the best protein powder to build muscle and consider what is best for both men and women. Protein is an important nutrient for weight loss and weight gain, it can help you lose body fat without losing valuable muscle. Protein shakes are simply a convenient way to add protein and essential amino acids to your diet. We have a huge range of your favourite brands, so let’s get started.

Protein Supplements can help:

  • Build muscle mass
  • Lose weight
  • Post workout recovery
  • Improve your fitness goals with increased stamina and
  • Support your daily complete protein needs.

At the Supplement Stop, we stock the best value protein powders in Australia. We provide in-depth reviews of each product and help you analyse the best protein powder that will support your needs. We stock pure quality complete protein powders for weight loss, muscle gain, post workout, pre-workout, vegans, women and men. You can buy protein powder online from us at fantastic prices or in store at our convenient locations.

The building blocks of protein are called amino acids. There are 9 essential amino acids required by the body, which it cannot make itself. These are vital for the synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters. When we eat protein, the body breaks it down into amino acids. These then are utilised to repair and grow muscles, maintain healthy hair, skin, bones and internal organs, and creating hormones and enzymes in the body.

What are the different types of Protein Powders Available?

Protein powders and supplements are dispensed in many different formats from whey protein to plant based protein powders. The way in which they are manufactured and how their active ingredients are derived must be understood so that you can make an informed choice as to what the best protein would be for your situation. Firstly let’s get started on the different types of Protein Powders available. There are three common forms of protein powder: Concentrates, Isolates and Hydrolysates. We will investigate how they are produced and the resulting protein percentage you can expect from each derivative.

Protein Concentrates are produced by the extraction of the protein molecules using heat, acid or enzymes. The result is a product with approximately 60 – 80% protein and 20 – 40% remaining fat/carbohydrates.

Protein Isolates break the protein down further with an additional filtration process to remove more fats and sugars. Isolate powders contain 90 – 95% protein.

Protein Hydrolysates are produced by further heating with acids or enzymes, breaking the bonds between the amino acids. The body can very easily absorb protein hydrolysates.

Protein powders can be broken down into the following categories based on the underlying ingredients:

  • Keto Proteins
  • Vegan-Friendly Protein & Plant-based Protein
  • Vegetarian Protein Powder
  • Whey & Whey Protein Isolate
  • Casein Protein

Protein Powder’s essential macro-nutrients encourage muscle growth and repair, help maintain a healthy immune system, and support a healthy appetite.

It is important to remember that you can conveniently add Protein supplements to your diet and exercise regime by shopping online using Protein Powder Afterpay & ZipPay to complete your purchase if you cannot get to one of our stores. We will fast track delivery to you, so you can get started on your new flavour, or your new blend. Buy protein powder online Australia.

Protein Powder for Women

Living an active and healthy lifestyle is so important for women, and that is why protein powders are also made specifically with women’s health in mind.

Women need protein to function. For healthy skin, hair, nails, bones and immune system, a regular protein powder supplement for women could be just what you need to get back on track. The recommended daily allowance for women is 0.8 grams per kilogram of bodyweight, but for those looking to lose weight or who are active, more is better. For those who are pregnant, consult your doctor before taking any new supplements – but generally you will need an additional 25 grams per day.

The best protein powder for women:

The best protein powders for women are natural forms, free from artificial preservatives and flavours. A profile rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals will ensure you look and feel great. Try making smoothies, bliss balls and incorporating the powder into your cooking if shakes are just not your thing!

Check out Maxines Whey Protein Isolate: to burn fat, boost your energy and tone your body in conjunction with your exercise routine. Women we know love it! This is a fantastic choice as a protein powder for women that is specifically designed with women’s health in mind.

Maxine’s Burn Protein By Maxine’s

As women, we want protein powder to help us burn fat, lose unnecessary weight and curb the appetite when we are trying to lose those stubborn kilos. With a combined exercise routine and specialised protein powder for women, training and working out can be sustainable. Your energy levels and mood will be supported by the protein matrix, and you can build lean muscle without the bulk.

Once those stubborn kilos are moved, women can maintain a healthy physique by buying protein online and incorporating this into their diet and training, in a healthy and easy to manage way. We have many women who use fat burners with their training to improve muscle regeneration and maintain energy levels in their busy lives.


Protein Powder for Men

When you are at the gym and working your body hard, you need a supplement to support your energy levels and replace the nutrients your body has turned into fuel. Adding protein to your diet will fuel your muscles.

The best protein powder for men:

The best protein powder for men supports an active, healthy lifestyle, while promoting muscle growth, recovery and repair.You want to be losing fat, maintaining and building healthy, toned, muscle mass. A high-quality protein supplement can boost your performance, assist with recovery and even improve your power and strength.

Depending on your taste and preferences we have a large variety of protein powders ready to try, some with artificial sweeteners, others just pure protein:

OxyWhey is a firm favourite with so many delicious flavours, these supplements are winners:

Oxywhey Protein By EHP Labs

For a pure, fast-acting protein try: R1 protein by Rule 1

R1 Protein WPI By Rule1 Proteins

For those looking to shred fat and show off toned, ripped muscles, The Supplement Stop have all the tools and tricks of the trade. Check out Max’s Shred System…

Shred System by Max’s

Protein Omelettes & Pancakes

In addition to the fantastic range of Protein Powder Drink Supplements, the market is beginning to take on board dedicated pancake, waffle and omelette protein mixes to support your goals. Our High Protein Snacks section already contains a variety of protein bars and pancake mixes, so keep your eyes peeled for new products as they hit the shelves! Don’t forget you can also add your favourite protein powder to bulk up your recipes at home too.

Our tasty new favourite:

A complete guide to protein powders:

Keto Protein

Keto proteins can be both animal-based or plant-based. Many people following a keto diet will take protein supplements as a convenient and easy way to boost the amount of protein they can consume across a 24 hour period. A keto-friendly protein powder will generally consist of a low carb variation, high in antioxidants and minerals to support the body through ketosis.

Milk-based keto options such as Whey Isolate and Casein, together with Egg protein – all have high protein levels and low carbs. Collagen Protein contains no carbs but has less protein than milk or egg-based products. Plant -based Isolates of Soy Protein, Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein are all great for those on a Keto program.


The increase in vegan-friendly supplement options extends right though to protein powders. The rise of vegan protein options incorporates plant-based products such as Pea Protein, Soy Protein, Hemp Protein and Organic Brown Rice Protein. There are also “power blends” where your vegan protein powder may contain a combination of plant-based proteins.

Blending plant-based proteins will deliver a unique combination of essential amino acids and proteins to best support your metabolism and body function. Suppose you are sensitive to animal fats, allergic to dairy, or are trying to maintain a clean and healthy diet. In that case, vegan protein maybe just for you.

The unique profile of plant-based protein powder will aid your body in receiving additional fibre and other essential nutrients. So you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy these protein supplements. With vegan protein powders, you benefit from similar amino-acids as you will find in animal-based products, without all the saturated fat and cholesterol. So it can be a win-win for your body!

If you are looking for a purely vegan protein powder, look for a certified vegan product label. For those with specific food allergies or intolerances, carefully check the ingredients list as some plant-based protein powders may contain a blend that could include allergens.

Plant-based proteins may come across quite chalky and take a few tries to get used to the texture or flavour profile. We recommend Prana Protein to get you started on a fantastic protein powder.

Power Plant Protein by Prana On

Let’s delve a litter deeper into the range of Vegan / Plant-based Protein Powders.

Pea Protein

What is Pea Protein made from? Pea protein is derived from yellow split peas and is suitable for sensitive stomachs due to the easily digestible nature. It is naturally vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and rich in iron. Rich in BCAAs to support muscle growth and gains, reduces appetite and can lower your blood pressure.

The powder is generally mixed with water, blended into smoothies or added to recipes to boost the protein value and support exercise and muscle recovery and gains.

Advantages: This protein powder is considered one of the best plant-based sources for muscle growth and recovery. Pea protein contains approximately three times more arginine than whey. The amino acid arginine helps build muscle which is great for boosting men’s muscular gains. It also helps the body recover after exercise. The protein is very easy on the stomach, making it an excellent choice for sensitive types. If you are allergic to dairy or have lactose intolerance, then Pea protein is a great alternative. For women, particularly those with iron deficiencies, Pea Protein can be an excellent choice to add to the diet.

Disadvantages: One disadvantage of pure pea protein is that it is low in a specific amino acid called methionine.
Pea isolate contains more protein than pea concentrate.

Soy Protein

What is Soy Protein made from? Soy protein is made from dehulled and defatted ground soybeans. The soy protein isolate is then blended with water, milk, or a smoothie and consumed to support daily exercise, weight loss, muscle building, and recovery after a workout.

Advantages: Soy protein is considered the most effective plant-based protein alternative due to the amino acid profile, demonstrating more significant glutamine and arginine amounts. These amino acids support digestive health, brain function, muscle growth and workout recovery. The added benefit of soy protein is that it will keep you feeling fuller longer, so no grabbing for that additional snack! They contain very little fat, no cholesterol, and all of the essential amnio acids your body needs.

Disadvantages: Soy protein isolate contains phytates which have been shown to decrease mineral absorption. This is only an issue if your overall diet is lacking in iron and zinc.

Hemp Protein

What is Hemp Protein made from? Hemp protein powder is made by processing hemp seeds into a fine powder. It is often mixed with water or milk, blended into smoothies and shakes. Hemp protein powder can also be added to recipes to boost the overall protein mix.

Hemp is a high-quality, easily digested vegan option that contains fibre, an amino acid profile, minerals and healthy fats.

Advantages: Hemp proteins’ high fibre component makes it a great option for women and men. The powder will keep you feeling fuller for longer and has been shown to reduce blood pressure. It is rich in minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper.

Disadvantages: Hemp protein is low in the amino acid Lysine. The colour of the hemp protein powder can appear brownish-green, and the taste can be a little strong for some users. The way this protein is processed can mean that it is a little more on the textured side than other protein powders. However, once you get used to the change this is an excellent source of protein for the body.

Organic Brown Rice Protein

What is Rice Protein? Organic brown rice protein is manufactured from raw sprouted (or activated) whole grain brown rice. This organic, plant-based protein benefits muscle growth, improves general health and supports exercise recovery.

Advantages: It is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids and tastes great when mixed with oats and blended into a smoothie. It is low in fat and carbohydrates but high in protein, alanine, arginine and tyrosine.

Disadvantages: Lower in Lysine, meaning it is not a complete amino acid profile.

Rice protein is commonly blended with Pea protein to get a rich balanced spectrum of amnio acids, comparable to dairy without the allergens. They are also gentle on the digestive tract, so very easy to consume.

Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein is derived from milk and may contain high lactose quantities unless you choose the isolate where the sugars are lost during processing. Whey is easily digested by most people and is rich in balanced chain amino acids (BCAAs). When consumed in conjunction with exercise, Whey protein can build and support muscle mass, help performance athletes recover after exercise and increase muscle strength for endurance sports. The amino acid leucine supports muscle growth and recovery.

Whey protein has been shown to reduce appetite and therefore produce improvements in reducing calories consumed when taking this protein powder.

The Supp Stop has a huge range of Whey Protein Powders to choose from including Whey Protein Isolate. If you are looking at minimising the ingredient count and utilising the highest quality whey proteins, we suggest to get started trying Oxywhey by EHP Labs.

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  • amino acid chain,
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  • macromolecule.

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Casein Protein

Just like Whey Powder, Casein is a milk derivative. The big difference between the two is how the body processes it. Casein is digested slowly, reducing the muscle protein breakdown compared to whey protein which is processed within the body more quickly.

Egg Protein

Egg protein is an excellent source of protein and can be used to decrease appetite and help you stay fuller longer. The protein powders are produced using egg white, and not the whole eggs. So the derivative powder is less effective because the fats have been removed. Egg white protein has not been studied as much as whey and casein. So while easily digested and a high-quality protein, this may not keep you feeling as full as the Whey or Casein options. For those with allergies, egg may prove to be out due to digestion issues and allergens.

What is protein powder good for?

Well…Using protein powder will assist your body to build muscle and repair tissue. This makes Protein Powder an essential macro-nutrient for muscle growth.

It may also help weight loss by reducing your appetite, as many protein powders keep you feeling full. An adequate protein composition as part of a balanced diet will help with muscle tone and repair after any exercise is performed. There are many different protein powders, including dairy-based and plant-based powders such as Prana onMacro Mike or Clear Vegan.

Does Protein Powder work? What are the benefits??

Protein powder works by being a dietary supplement and assisting your body with your daily energy needs, hormone requirements and repairs to muscles – whether that is following strenuous exercise, walking the dog, or doing the housework. We all need protein of some sort to function.

The benefits of supplementing the diet with protein powder is similar to taking vitamins. Where there is a dietary gap in protein consumption, then a supplement will fill that gap and keep your body healthy and active.

Best Protein Powder for Muscle Gain

For those who exercise regularly, are looking to build muscle mass, repair the body after a workout or looking to combine exercise and diet to lose weight, Protein supplements are a fantastic option.

Gold Standard Whey Protein By Optimum Nutrition

Clean Mass, Lean Gainer by Max’s

How much protein do I need?

Each adult’s daily protein requirements depend on gender, age, height, weight, and amount of exercise and body composition. The recommended amount of protein for adults is approximately 0.8g of protein per kilogram (2.2lb) of body weight per day. That means an 80kg man should eat at least 65 grams of proteins per day. Try to divide your protein intake equally among meals.

The method behind how much protein we need in our daily diet, the DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) is:

  • The standard adult needs 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.
  • Those taking part in physical activities need 1.1 to 1.4 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight.
  • Professional and everyday athletes need 1.2 to 1.4 grams, and those involved in ultra-endurance sports may need up to 2.0 g per kilogram of weight.
  • Athletes building muscle mass need 1.5 to 2.0 grams per kilogram per day.

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What does protein do to the body?

A question that is often raised is, what does protein do to your body? Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues. You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.

Do protein shakes make you put on weight?

Protein shakes will not make you fat. However, if you’re drinking very high-calorie shakes and not watching your overall intake, they’ll make you gain weight. The idea behind using protein for weight loss, weight maintenance or when training is about replacing calories ingested through carbohydrates or fats with calories from protein.

So watch what you are consuming. Some protein powders may contain added sugars and carbs. Keep an eye on your protein and you will be looking and feeling amazing!

When should I drink a protein shake?

The best time to consume protein powder for optimal muscle growth is a heavily debated question. Bodybuilders suggest taking a protein supplement 15 to 60 minutes after exercise. This is the time frame called the “anabolic window”.

For a few of our favourite smoothie ideas, check out our blog on 5 of the best Protein Smoothies for Breakfast.

The Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

If you are looking for a fantastic product to support weight loss and act as a meal replacement, then this product might the one for you to try.

MRE Meal Replacement By Redcon1

The Supplement Stop has the best supplements range, with great online deals. Make our supplement shop your home for achieving your health and fitness goals today! Receive your order faster with our Premium Star Track service and don’t forget we have Protein Afterpay and ZipPay available for your convenience.