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Gut health refers to the balance of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract. Looking after the health of the gut and maintaining the right balance of these microorganisms is vital for physical and mental health, immunity, and more. Research suggests that taking Gut Health Supplements, increasing your intact of prebiotics and probiotics can support a healthy gut microbiome and prevent gut inflammation and other intestinal problems.

Today’s busy lifestyle may leave some of us with deficient gut flora. Gut Health Supplements can be easily incorporated into the diet to support your health and wellbeing. Below you will find a selection of some of the best Gut Health Supplements available in Australia.

Restore Your Healthy Gut Flora

Take your gut health seriously

Why is Gut Health important?

Your gut is the powerhouse of a thriving community of microorganisms that help you obtain the greatest benefit from the food you eat by supporting healthy, regular digestion. With a healthy gut, you will boost the function of your immune system, help combat unexpected weight gain, be able to fight infections due to your body’s natural reserves.

Having a healthy gut relates directly to your diet. The foods you consume can make a difference.  Eating a diet rich in healthy fats, fermented foods, probiotics such as yoghurt and healing bone broth can help with gut issues like infections, inflammation and leaky gut. To replenish good gut bacteria, studies have shown things like zinc, l-glutamine, collagen peptides and fibre are all beneficial. If you are looking to supplement your diet to affect your gut bacteria, then gut health supplements are what you will need to consider.

What is a Good Gut?

The average human has somewhere in the vicinity of 300 to 500 different species of bacteria living in their digestive tract. Bacteria, yeasts, and viruses — of which there are around 100 trillion — are also called the “gut microbiome” or “gut flora”. These microorganisms have a very important role in keeping us healthy. They directly influence how our bodies process the food we eat.

Studies show that having a wide variety of these microbiomes in your gut can improve your immune function, combat obesity, positively impact your mood and mental health and provide numerous other benefits.

The Best Supplements For Gut Health

Your gut health will affect every part of your overall health and wellbeing. The best gut health supplements will support the establishment and maintenance of good gut bacteria, helping you get more nutritional value from the foods you eat and boosting your immune system.

Healthy gut microbiomes thrive when you eat a diet that is packed full of fruits and vegetables, high in natural fibre, low in processed foods with minimal refined sugars. Fermented foods are a natural source of probiotics. The Supp Stop has a vast array of gut supplements that may help support your gut health, depending on your dietary requirements.

To improve your gut health when your diet is not up to scratch due to a busy lifestyle or poor diet, supplements such as probiotics, prebiotics, collagen, zinc and l-glutamine can all play an important role.

Reasons you may consider Gut Health Supplements as part of your routine:

If you are running a hectic, stressful lifestyle, your gut health may suffer. Not eating a balanced diet full of leafy greens, fresh fruits, and vegetables can affect your intestinal tract. Diets high in processed foods and refined sugars are also not great at supporting a healthy microbiome. In the same way, stress and sleep deprivation can also have a negative effect on your gut health. Fortunately, there have been many studies to support the use of supplements to support healthy intestinal function. So if you are considering intestinal repair supplements, have a chat with your GP to discuss which formula

How can you restore Good Gut Flora?

To help restore good gut flora and support healthy immune system function, there are ways to improve your gut lining and, therefore, your microbiome. Choosing a supplement to support your gut health makes sense if your lifestyle means you have no time to completely change your diet, stress-levels and sleep habits. Many microbes are beneficial for human health, and some are even essential. Others can be harmful, especially when they multiply. So we have outlined some of the available supplements that can help you restore your gut flora.

The best microbiome supplements will support your digestive health and promote healthy gut flora. Our wide range of supplements to support digestive health have been chosen as they are the best available in Australia, with many containing a mix of good vitamins for gut health.

Gut Health Supplements Australia

Over the last few decades, numerous gut health studies have demonstrated how important a healthy gut is to your overall lifestyle, health, and wellbeing. Links in the research have been made between stomach health and the following:

  • immune system
  • mood
  • mental health
  • autoimmune diseases
  • endocrine disorders
  • skin conditions, and even
  • cancer.

So it is vitally important that we pay attention to our bodies and focus on establishing and maintaining a healthy gut.


Your gut is related to how your body functions at a macro level. So it is essential to get your digestive system functioning at its optimal level to make a difference for your entire body. Like we head to the gym to work our muscles, or go for a run to get our heart pumping, our gut also requires a certain amount of priming to get everything working properly.

Here are some of The Supplement Stops recommended Gut Health brands.


ATP Gutright is the perfect stomach health supplement when your modern diet and lifestyle may be directly affecting your gut. Over the years our diets have changed, resulting in us eating too much sugar and too little plant polyphenols. This change may be having a massive impact on your gut. The guys at ATP what you to get your gut right!

ATP Science Gutright

#2 FUSION HEALTH GUTBIOTIC – Prebiotic supplements Austalia

Super-strength probiotic formula with 14 strains, in this supplement you will get the highest strength probiotic out there, ensuring maximum absorption and better overall performance.

Fusion Health GutBiotic 60 Billion

[Discontinued] GutBiotic – 60 Billion By Fusion Health


It’s easier than ever to get your fruits and veggies in! GHOST® GREENS combines 19 individually sourced Greens and Reds with a full 100mg dose of Spectra™, Prebiotics, 10 billion CFU Probiotic and the super-premium BioCore® Optimum Complete Digestive Enzyme. Containing a comprehensive arsenal of enzymes to break down carbohydrates, refined sugars, proteins and fats* – your gut will be very thankful.

Ghost Greens


Here are a few of the probiotics that we stock here at the supplement stop that are fantastic supplements with 5-star reviews.

  • ATP Science GutRight
  • Gut Biotic by Fusion Health
  • Ghost Greens

For more on Gut Health and Supplementation, see our latest blog.

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