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Amino acids are organic compounds that combine in the body to form proteins. They are often referred to as the building blocks of life, playing a vital role in your overall health, wellness and vitality. Amino Acids known as Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are a group of three essential amino acids, namely leucine, isoleucine and valine. The human body uses these BCAAs to make proteins to help the body:

    • Repair body tissue and muscle damage
    • Stimulate muscle growth and regeneration
    • Regulate hormone synthesis
    • Assist synaptic transmission (neurotransmission)
    • Produce growth hormones
    • Regulate blood sugar levels
    • Break down food and produce energy
    • Metabolise fat and
    • Grow healthy hair, skin and connective tissue.

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The Best BCAA Supplements in Australia

What are Amino Acid Supplements?

Amino acids are organic compounds composed of nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and a variable side chain group. In total, your body requires 20 different amino acids to grow and function properly. Although all twenty of these are important for your health, only nine amino acids are classified as essential. These compounds are considered essential as your body cannot manufacture them from other sources at the optimal level required. They must be obtained from either a food source or supplementations.

The Supplement Stop stock a wide range of the best Amino Acid Supplements, Essential Amino Acids & Branch Chain Amino Acid supplements available online in Australia. Afterpay and ZipPay are available.

Amino Acid supplements in the form of Branch Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs can boost athletic performance, repair muscle damage, regulate hormone synthesis and improve your energy production and mood.

Do Amino Acid Supplements Work?

When you purchase a reputable brand offering Amino Acid Supplements you can check to see what the science says about the ability of the supplement to perform for your needs. The Supplements we stock have scientifically backed formulas to ensures the ingredients work synergistically together – giving you the best results from each product.

Amino Acids Boost Athletic Performance

Amino acids are often referred to as the building blocks of proteins. They are compounds that play many critical roles. In the body, vital processes like building proteins and synthesising hormones and neurotransmitters are made possible via amino acids. Commonly found in a healthy diet, amino acids may also be taken in supplement form for a natural way to boost athletic performance or improve mood.

What is the Best Amino Acid Supplement?

At The Supplement Stop, we recommend the following supplements:

#1 THE BEST AMINO ACID SUPPLEMENT – Staunch bcaa hydration

BCAA + Hydration By Staunch Nation

With every serving of BCAA + Hydration by Staunch, you’ll receive:

  • 7 grams of BCAA’s providing you with a potent combination of the most essential nutrients your body needs during exercise
  • 1.5 grams of coconut water powder, which is proven to help supply your body with the electrolytes needed during exercise and also to help sustain intense muscle contractions every step of the way
  • 500 mg of Sustamine, which helps to boost hydration in the body by making your cells more sensitive to the fluids they receive.


Amino Fusion By Cyborg Sport

Cyborg Sport BCAA Amino Fusion is the ultimate intra-workout amino acid complex that will help you to train harder, train longer, and recover faster. Available in 3 delicious flavours, Fusion works to prevent muscle catabolism during exercise and increase energy production and fat burn.


Beyond BCAA + EAA By EHP Labs

Beyond BCAA supports muscular endurance, increased blood flow and enhanced nutrient delivery, allowing you to work out at a heightened intensity for a more extended period. Beyond BCAA is scientifically formulated with the optimal proven 2:1:1 ratio of the branched-chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine.


Ghost Amino V2 By GHOST

GHOST® Amino V2 is packed with 10G total EAAs, but we weren’t finished there. Organic Raw Coconut Water, Taurine and Aquamin™ were included to keep you hydrated during every workout…or a night out. They truly built this product to be used at any time of day, during any activity. Hydration is key legends!

How do Amino Acid and BCAA’s work?

To decipher the classifications of Amino Acids, we need to understand how they are categorised and when the body requires additional sources because you cannot produce some amino acids on your own. You need to ingest food or supplements to commence amino acid production within your body. Amino Acids are categorised as essential, conditionally essential or nonessential depending on several factors.


Essential amino acids (EAAs) cannot be made by the body, and therefore they must come from food. The 9 essential amino acids are: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine.


Nonessential means that our bodies produce an amino acid, even if we do not get it from the food we eat. These include alanine, arginine, asparagine, aspartic acid, cysteine, glutamic acid, glutamine, glycine, proline, serine, and tyrosine.


Conditional amino acids are usually not essential, except in times of illness and stress. Conditional amino acids include arginine, cysteine, glutamine, tyrosine, glycine, ornithine, proline, and serine.

Amino Acids Supplements

The human body requires 9 essential amino acids for optimal health and vitality. When proteins are digested or broken down, amino acids remain. You do not need to eat essential and nonessential amino acids at every meal, but getting a balance of them over the whole day is important.

A diet based on a single plant item will not be adequate. We no longer worry about pairing proteins (such as beans with rice) at a single meal. Instead, we look at the adequacy of the diet overall throughout the day.


BCAAs are important to your health and are a group of three essential amino acids, namely leucine, isoleucine and valine. BCAAs are unique as they are metabolised within your skeletal muscle, not in your liver like the other 6 essential aminos.

BCAAs can be found in common food sources and can be incorporated into your daily diet. When you are training or undertaking strenuous exercise, feeling a little run down or lacking in energy, look at your diet and consider if you are consuming sufficient BCAA natural food sources. If your dietary intake is lacking, or you would prefer to supplement your diet with these scientifically formulated products, The Supp Stop has a range suitable for your needs.

The Best Food Sources of BCAAs

With the explosion in the popularity of BCAA supplementation, the role of dietary sources of these essential amino acids is often overlooked. So, where can you find natural sources of BCAAs?

  • Brown rice.
  • Almonds, brazil nuts, and cashews.
  • Whey, milk, and soy proteins.
  • Beef, chicken, fish, and eggs.
  • Baked beans and lima beans.
  • Chickpeas and lentils.

What is An Essential Amino Acid Supplement?

An essential amino acid supplement is a blend of leucine, isoleucine and valine that works to support your body’s natural protein and hormone synthesis as well as provide essential energy for your overall well-being. BCAAs are the essential group of supplements which cover leucine, isoleucine and valine. Supplements which contain these compounds together with their own proprietary method of assisting with absorption will see you reap the best results from your BCAA supp program.

Benefits of BCAAs

BCAA supplements are extremely popular for boosting protein synthesis during and post-exercise, gym and training sessions. They are also beneficial as you can take them for a convenient between-meal spike in the muscle-building amino acid leucine. They are a handy supplement to have when your diet is lacking in protein or you have a food intolerance to some of the best naturally occurring sources.

  1. Increase muscle growth
  2. Decrease soreness
  3. Reduce fatigue
  4. Prevent Muscle depletion
  5. Improve liver disease

A Final Amino Acids BCAA Review

The three essential BCAA’s you require are leucine, isoleucine and valine. These essentials have been shown to build muscle, decrease muscle fatigue and alleviate muscle soreness. They stimulate building muscle protein and possibly reduce muscle breakdown. As organic compounds, they make proteins to help the body:

  • Repair body tissue,
  • Perform many other body functions,
  • Break down food, and
  • Grow.

For more information on Amino Acids, check out one of our latest blog posts – What Are Amino Acids?

Amino acids can be used as energy by the body.

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