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Oxyshred Review
by sean / August 9, 2017

OxyShred Review by Ashley Tilley

Hey Guys, it’s Ash here giving you an in-depth EHP Labs Oxyshred review.

What are the ingredients in OxyShred?

EHP Labs Oxyshred is really well known for its thermogenic, stimulants which will increase your energy and fat burning from your thermogenic to boost your metabolism.

The Ingredients are super incredible – you’ll get loads of focus from the l-Tyrosine as well – which will increase your energy and increase your focus, it will also increase your all round performance as well – performance in the gym, going for a walk in the afternoon or just on a day-to-day basis.

Raspberry Ketones – High in antioxidants and have great fat burning properties as well.

Caffeine – Helps thermogenesis as well, helps increase metabolic rate, which helps increase calorie burning and energy.

Enjoying this Oxyshred review? See the Oxyshred ingredients below.

Hey guys its Ash from The Supp Stop. Today i’m going to do an Oxy shred review!!!

EHP Labs is really well know for its thermogenic stimulants which will increase your energy and fat burning from a thermogenic to boost your metabolism with ingredients included such as 150mg of caffeine, Acetyl L Carnatine, As well as raspberry ketones to help increase calorie burning and a boost of energy to get you through your day.

We recommend here at The Supplement Stop for both Men and Women to take one scoop early in the morning on an empty stomach and again in the afternoon which come is 6 delicious flavours to choose from. Thanks for tuning into this weeks video blog guys and ill see you all soon.

How good does OxyShred taste?

Oxyshred is honestly one of the best tasting fat burners that I’ve personally ever tried.

What is the best flavour of OxyShred?

The best flavour – A personal favourite is Guava Paradise, it is super sweet but the sweeter the better for me.
It does cover a range of assorted flavours as well, such as Pink Grapefruit, Passionfruit, Mango, Wild Melon, so it’s got a bit of a sweet-or-sour range, it just really depends on what you are after.

What is the best way to take OxyShred?

We recommended the daily dose for both men and women to take 1- Scoop early in the morning before you’ve eaten, on an empty stomach.
You can take Oxyshred twice a day, so again in the afternoon to really increase the fat burning. It helps you sweat a lot as well if you are at the gym and you could use it as a pre-workout, it is entirely up to you.

What does OxyShred do to your body?

OxyShred will provide this metabolism boost, but will also help with cravings, appetite suppression, focus and energy. … One popular reason why Oxyshred has become a favourite is because it does focus on helping to protect your physical and mental health and well-being, as well as reducing body fat.

Is OxyShred good for weight loss?

YES, Oxyshred is a thermogenic weight loss supplement by EHP Labs, which is intended to help boost metabolism for increased weight reduction and additionally serve as an effective supplement to upgrade vitality levels during workouts. That is, it aims to both assist in fat loss and serve as a pre workout.

When should I take OxyShred?

The Supplement Stop recommends taking Oxyshred first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and mid-afternoon. Keep in mind if taken twice a day we also recommend to stick to one standard coffee per day.
Oxyshred is best taken first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. To maximise absorption, avoid eating or consuming a protein shake within 20 minutes of taking Oxyshred. People who take a second dose usually have this in the mid afternoon, or before a workout, leaving at least six hours between consecutive doses.

How Much Caffeine is in OxyShred?

would you like to know how much caffeine there is to get that hit of energy? There is approximately 150g of caffeine 

Where can I buy OxyShred?

Where? Well, we sell Oxyshred is available online and in-store, which we can offer Afterpay for everybody’s convenience.
Thanks for tuning in everybody, have a wonderful day and stay tuned for our next video.

Does Oxyshred Work?

The question that gets asked alot, does oxyshred work? This popular fat burner has shown massive improvements in helping people lose weight. The formula in Oxyshred will help with fat loss by increasing energy/daily calorie burn, enhancing the body’s ability to used stored fat as fuel, suppressing cravings and lowering appetite.

Does oxyshred work

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This Oxyshred review was brought to you by The Supplement Stop’s Ash Tilley.


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