Insane Labz – Pyschotic Review

Insane Labz – Pyschotic Review

Insane Labz – Pyschotic Review

Insane Labz – Psychotic Preworkout Review

By Ashley Tilley

The Supplement Stop – Insane Labz – Pyschotic Review from Supplement Stop

Ash here with this week’s video on our newest preworkout to hit our shelves – Psychotic by Insane Labz

The secret to this pre workout (besides the use of high dose caffeine) is the addition of the exclusive AMPiberry compound – which can extend and enhance stimulants effects for up to 3 hours – providing copious energy as the remaining active ingredients, such as creatine monohydrate and beta alanine, allow for increased strength and power output which promotes greater muscular endurance and reduces training fatigue in a concentrated dose.

What are the benefits of taking Psychotic Pre Workout?

– Explosive energy
– Sustained energy
– Increase strength
– Reduce fatigue
– Laser focus

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