What Is The Best Fat Burner?

by Ash Tilley / September 30, 2020

What Is the Best Fat Burner or Weight-Loss Supplement?

What is the best fat burner? The short answer: it depends. That’s because fat burners work in different ways.

At The Supplement Stop, we stock over 40 different fat burners. You might think that’s a crazy amount to choose from but, on the market, there are hundreds! Lucky for you, we’ve done the groundwork and sifted out the ones that don’t cut the mustard.

Each fat burner works differently. Fat burners work in different ways because each one has a unique formulation (combination of ingredients). It’s this formulation that determines how the product helps you lose weight and/or burn fat. It’s also important to note that some ‘fat burners’ don’t do much burning at all. Instead, they are formulated to help you lose weight in other ways.

Appetite Suppression Fat Burners

Appetite suppressants work by minimising your sugar cravings and curbing your hunger.

This type of product would suit someone who is prone to eating sugary treats, or someone who just eats a lot. It aims to stop fat from entering your body in the first place – so it’s more of a fat inhibitor than a burner. If you want to lose weight without necessarily doing a lot of exercise, this would be the ideal choice for you.

An example of this type of fat burner is REDCON1 SILENCER.

Silencer By Redcon1

Who is this type of fat burner suitable for? Anyone making bad diet choices.


Lipolysis Fat Burners

These work by motivating your body to burn stored fat (lipids) and turn this into energy. This burning process is referred to as lipolysis and these products are commonly referred to as fat metabolisers. This type of product would suit someone who already has a very active lifestyle (trains more than twice a week), or is planning on becoming active, and wants to lose weight.

It would also suit overweight people who are storing a lot of fat that needs burning. If you find you need lots of energy on a regular basis and want to lose weight at the same time, this would be the ideal choice for you.

An example of this type is DOUBLE TAP.

Double Tap Fat Burner By Redcon1

It’s called ‘Double Tap’ because it is both an appetite suppressant and fat metaboliser. We’d recommend this to someone who is active but also doesn’t make the best decisions when it comes to their diet.

Who is this type of fat burner suitable for? Anyone who needs more energy.

Thermogenic Burners

These work by boosting your metabolism and, in the process, increase fat burning. This burning process is referred to as thermogenesis and ‘thermogenic’ refers to something that is heat-producing. A thermogenic fat burner will increase your body’s core temperature, which leads to faster metabolism (calorie burning) and a much higher energy expenditure.

It’s important to note that other natural factors will also cause thermogenesis to occur within your body, i.e. diet, environment and exercise – it’s why some people swear by hot yoga. For this reason, if you already lead an active lifestyle, eat healthily and/or are outdoors in the heat a lot, this type of product may not be the best option for you (your goal shouldn’t be to overheat – life isn’t a sauna).

A thermogenic fat burner is therefore suited to someone who is semi-active (trains once or twice a week) and doesn’t necessarily need their appetite suppressed, but still wants to lose weight.

An example of this type of fat burner is Incinerate Fat Burner by JDN.

Incinerate Fat Burner By JDN

Who is this type of fat burner suitable for? Anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Some fat burners can do it all, or can they?

There are some fat burners on the market that are formulated to be a combination of two or all the above types, with other ingredients often thrown in for good measure (like stimulants – making them borderline pre-workout powders). Some of these generalised fat burners claim to “do everything” and are “suitable for everyone” but they’re more like a jack of all trades and a king of none. That’s why we only stock 40 effective fat burners at The Supplement Stop.

Best General Fat Burners

With that said, some of the most popular fat burners we offer are general fat burners. If you don’t see yourself being suited to any one of the types above, or you think you could benefit from a combination, a general fat burner is the way to go. Choose fat burners OxyShred, the highest selling general fat burner in the world.

OxyShred #1 Fat Burner by EHP Labs

The Bottom Line On The Best Weight-Loss Supplements

You shouldn’t choose a fat burner because it’s the most popular, highest-selling or because someone at work told you to. You should choose a product suited to your diet, lifestyle and goals.

We understand that this is easier said than done, which is why we want to help you make the right decision when you choose fat burners – the last thing we want to see is you wasting money on a product that isn’t going to get the best results. Contact us on the website or reach out via Facebook and we’ll make a recommendation.



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