15 Minute HIIT Workout at Home

by Ash Tilley / March 31, 2020

Looking for a great HIIT workout at home that you can try whilst in lockdown or just don’t want to go to the gym?

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Workout is one of the best forms of exercises to boost metabolism and help you achieve the strength you have been looking for. This high-intensity workout can give you the same benefits which any moderate exercise would give you, only faster than that!

Got just 15 minutes to spare? Get on that mat for an intense HIIT workout at home!

6 exercises for a HIIT Workout Session at home

The standard duration for each exercise in a HIIT workout session is 30 seconds exercise and 10 seconds rest before moving to another exercise and then repeating the circuit for 3 more times. Here are a few routine exercises that you can practice at home and at your own convenience and still get the desired results!

1. High Knees – HIIT Workout

High knees exercises include your abdominal muscles and a great way to start your workout session. You just have to hop and make sure you bring your right knees up to meet your right hand and the same for your left leg. Keep alternatively moving your legs in a hopping motion.

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lift up your left knee to your chest.
  • Switch to lift your right knee to your chest. Continue the movement, alternating legs and moving at a sprinting or running pace.

High Knees HIIT Training


 2. Jump Squats – HIIT Workout

Jumping squats assist in building muscle of areas such as the calves, quadriceps and hamstring muscles. This intense HIIT exercise also helps in overall weight gain. If jump squats are done intensely, they assist in the release of testosterone and also human growth hormone (HGH) which is beneficial for muscle growth.

Jump squats involve your core and your whole lower body.

Training Method:

  • To practice jump squats all you need is a plain surface
  • Your body where you bend on your knees with your thighs parallel
  • Push your hips back in a squat position and jump.
  • Repeat.


HIIT Jump Squats Training

3. Burpees – HIIT Workout

A crowd favourite…Burpees are one of the most difficult yet effective exercises that include every muscle of your body.

During an intense series of Burpees, the musculature is in a high anaerobic range. There is almost no other exercise which pushes you to such anaerobic extremes.

Training Method:

  • While doing a burpee you first move into a squat,
  • Then move your body weight slowly into your hands by placing it on the floor,
  • Jump back into a plank and
  • Finally, jump your feet back outside your hands and immediately jump back to the squat position.




4. Jackknife Crunches – HIIT Workout

Jackknife crunches are great to strengthen the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Jackknife sit-ups are a great low-impact exercise for strengthening abdominal muscles. They are a fantastic way to tighten the lower abs and help you get a six-pack. You can do this from home and all you need to do for this exercise is to:

Training Method:

  • lie down on a flat surface and bend at your waist,
  • At the same time bring your legs and arms up to meet in a closed jackknife position.
  • Exhale while you do this and make sure your arms are parallel to your legs.


5. Mountain Climbers – HIIT Workout

Mountain climbers are effective in increasing your endurance and core strength. To do mountain climber you first need to lie down in a plank position and as far as possible move your right knee up to your chest and then switch legs. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed between your hands and toes. Try keeping your hips down and move your knees as in and out as possible.

Doing HITT mountain climbers

6. Windshield Wipers – HIIT Workout

Another productive HIIT exercise is the windshield wipers. Windscreen wipers are a great core exercise, similar in many ways to crunches. They have the additional benefit of working the obliques.

  • Lie down on the floor and keep your hands by your side for support
  • Lift your legs up to 90 degree and rotate it side to side just short of touching the floor.


The best part of all these exercises? No equipment and the duration. You can always take out 15 minutes of your schedule to practice this HIIT workout at home and get the desired results on your body and mind. HIIT workouts will feature heart-rate raising moves such as jump squats, burpees, JackKnife, windscreen wipers and mountain climbers. These exercises are often completed for 20-40 second intervals with short rests in between to keep the heart rate elevated.

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