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Ghost Size Review

by Ash Tilley / July 23, 2020

Ghost Size Review with Ash Tilley




Ghost Size is an everyday supplement that’s designed to improve muscle power and enhance muscle growth.




Ghost SIZE contains scientifically validated ingredients that will help ramp up muscle power, increase muscle protein synthesis, and help improve muscular endurance.
Ghost SIZE will therefore help you to workout at a higher intensity level, with heavier weights and for a longer period of time, allowing you to stimulate more muscle growth.
Combine this enhanced muscle growth stimulation with a diet specific to muscle gain and Ghost SIZE will help you build muscle you’ve been wanting to achieve.



There has been so many new and exciting products hitting our shelves and I’m excited to bring you a new review for a powerful creatine muscle builder that is sure to help you bulk up. It’s simply called SIZE and it comes from the crazy legends at Ghost Lifestyle, aka the coolest supplement brand on the planet at the moment.

Ghost SIZE is the very definition of a “new school meets old school” creatine muscle builder. It is clinically dosed up with a full yield of creatine (5g) per scoop, unlike other muscle builders that tend to go on the stingy side when it comes to pure creatine. It also boasts a dose of Beta-Alanine (2g) per scoop, which will help you ward off fatigue and keep fighting to get those gains, i.e. train harder, for longer.

It also contains a small dosage of one of the most talked about supplement ingredients on the market right now, Epicatechin. Epicatechin is not only a mouthful, but it’s also a bioactive compound that acts as an antioxidant. It’s most commonly found in green tea and dark chocolate but is now being introduced into supplements like SIZE. Studies have shown it to be effective at enhancing muscle growth and strength, making it the perfect addition to a muscle building product like SIZE.  It also increases nitric oxide production for improved vascularity, blood flow and endurance, whilst improving insulin sensitivity, regulating blood sugar levels and stimulating muscle protein synthesis. The icing on the cake is that it also improves your brain and heart health – WOW. SIZE contains 200mg per scoop.

SIZE comes in one of Ghost Lifestyle’s signature flavours… WARHEADS! That’s right, your favourite hot/sour candy from the 90s has made a comeback in supplement form and you absolutely will not believe how amazing it tastes. It gets the balance of flavours just right, without all the face squirming.

SIZE is available in-store at Belmont and Jesmond, as well as online. We offer Afterpay and Zippay so you can get those gains now and pay later!

Not only do we price match, but if you order online before 3 pm we also guarantee next day delivery!

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