Best Gut Health Supplements for 2021

by Ash Tilley / June 29, 2020

In recent years, gut health has been brought to the forefront of medical health research like never before. We’re beginning to realise just how heavily gut health affects the well being of our entire body. If your body is lacking proper nourishment, the entire system feels it. Learn a little more about how to keep your gut healthy and check out our best gut health supplements for 2021.


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What is gut health?

The term “gut health” refers to the general health and well being of our gastrointestinal system. That’s the long tract inside our bodies that transports food from mouth to stomach and back out again. All the while feeding us valuable nutrients. It begins with our oesophagus and ends – well – you can probably guess where it ends.


Why is gut health so important?

Up until recent years gut health was only considered to play a part in digestive issues like gas, bloating and heartburn. Studies have since shown that our gut health is actually attached to a whole range of conditions we’d never even considered.


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What are the signs of poor gut health?

Signs that your gut may not be in the best shape include:

  • unintentional weight gain,
  • change in sleep patterns,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • skin irritations,
  • auto-immune conditions and;
  • the slightly more obvious answer: an upset stomach.


How can I improve my gut health?

Fermented foods have shown amazing benefits in improving gut health, as have certain supplements. Check out our best gut health supplements for 2021 below and incorporate them into your diet. You’ll find they’re a quick and easy way to boost your gut health. If symptoms persist, make sure you seek medical advice – gut health isn’t to be taken lightly.

Best Gut Health Supplements for 2021


Gutright Daily by ATP Science

This delicious Modbiotic formula helps promote healthy gut bug ratios. It achieves this with a formula made up of natural polyphenols. Simply take 1 teaspoon, three times daily for 10 days to reduce your microbial load. Drop back to 1 teaspoon daily after that to keep your gut right!

Gutright Daily By ATP Science

Apple Cider Vinegar by Barnes Naturals

Ok, we know that apple cider vinegar kind of tastes like a failed science experiment to some. Hear us out. This organic, raw gut health booster is made from delicious, healthy, organically grown apples! Also, it’s a super-easy way to incorporate healthy enzymes and proteins into your gut. Just mix a little into your favourite recipes or, if you’re brave, sip it straight from the bottle (in moderation, of course).

Apple Cider Vinegar By Barnes Naturals

How do you look after your gut? Let us know in the comments. We’re all about finding the best ways to supplement your diet and we love it when our viewers share their thoughts.

We hope this has helped you understand a little about the importance of gut health because it is vital in keeping you well in all aspects of your life. They don’t say “follow your gut” for nothing!

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Ryan Griffiths June 28th, 2020

Thanks for that, I agree. I have taken Macro mike gut doctor and absolutely love it. however ATP science gut health looks awesome and I feel that it may be a product that I can take for a while so my stomach can just keep on improving. Once again thanks for the blog and advice.