Best Gut Health Supplements in 2022

by Patrick Wells / September 21, 2022

Gut health supplements – they don’t sound too great to talk or think about, but these can make you feel 1000 times better in your day-to-day life.

And no, they’re not just for oldies and people with pre-existing conditions and ailments.

Athletes, bodybuilders, and just everyday people use digestive supplements to get less sick, feel better, improve their immunity, and wring every gram of goodness out of all the consume. For gym-goers, they help maintain physical and mental health to help you wake up ready for every day.

How do Gut Health Supplements Help?

Gut health supplements, digestive supplements and probiotics all help the digestive tract to stay at its peak health and performance.

There are a few categories that gut health supplements fall into:


Probiotics are made good gut bacteria and yeasts that live naturally in your body. They work for you in your gut to help break down food. Their main job however, is to fight off the bad bacteria in your digestive tract, which helps you feel better.

Here is our pick of the best probiotic gut health supplement on the market:

GutBiotic – 60 Billion By Fusion Health


Sounds very similar to probiotics, but not quite. Prebiotics are foods that feed your good bacteria and help them to grow. Fibre, found in plant-based foods, and starch, found in vegetables like potatoes, are two good examples. When prebiotics are broken down, they provide awesome short-chain fatty acids that do a heap of things to keep you healthy.

However, even with the healthiest table-full-of-veges diet can’t always get you the prebiotics you need to feel your best, there are premium prebiotic formulas available. These include a whole range of natural ingredients you need to feel and be at your optimum.

Here is our recommendation of the best prebiotic gut health supplement:

ATP Science Gutright

Health Greens Supplements

Apart from containing vitamins and mineral for detoxification, improving skin, energy and overall health, greens powders are like a super-charged, natural prebiotic. They feed your good gut bacteria by providing fibre. They also contain Vitamin C which fortifies your gut against infections from bad bacteria.

These are our top greens powder gut health supplements:

Super Greens By Prana On

Ghost Greens

Digestive Enzymes

Sound complicated, but pretty simple. They’re chemical compounds that help your body break down more efficiently. They may therefore help with inflammation, bloating and other conditions resulting from slow or incomplete digestion (e.g. lactose intolerance). They support your good bacteria by creating a more productive digestive environment for those little guys to live in!

Our top pick gut health supplement with digestive enzymes is:

GI Juice By Redcon1

Apple Cider Vinegar

A super probiotic, adding good bacteria to your gut, as well as reducing gut inflammation, maintaining blood sugar levels. Many ACV supplements also have added enzymes to aid digestion and absorption.

Here are our recommendations for the best apple cider vinegar supplements:

Apple Cider Vinegar By Bragg

Clean ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets


An oil that consists of a type of fat that is immediately used by the body, rather than being stored. This way, it provides the energy source you need for your day but avoids adding to your waistline. It also helps you feel fuller to help deter snacking and extra meals. It is a popular remedy for Keto dieters.

Here is our pick for the best MCT Oil gut health supplement:

MCT Oil By Niulife

Why Are Gut Health Supplements Important?

Gut health supplements improve your nutrition to make you feel well and awesome and have been linked to better mental health. Additionally, gut health supplement help relieve digestive issues (e.g., allergies, intolerances, constipation, IBS, etc.) and general feelings of discomfort.

But perhaps most importantly for regular exercisers, they help your body more efficiently digest food and other supplements you take, allowing you to absorb as much nutritional goodness as possible.

So, even if you don’t have any ailments or conditions, digestive supplements can still strongly improve your general sense of wellness, improve your energy and state of mind.

And of course, who doesn’t want to get the absolute most from the foods and supplements they chug? Multiplying the nutritional benefit you receive from food is another reason why gut health supplements are important.

Who Needs Them?

As mentioned above, everyone can benefit for gut health supplements, especially if you’re experiencing a lack of energy, sluggishness or discomfort shortly after eating or taking supplements. If you experience a more sever digestive condition, your doctor may prescribe stronger digestive enzymes in addition.

Always try a small amount of gut health supplements for the first week, before moving on up to regular servings. We’re looking forward to seeing the better-feeling, healthier you!

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