Benefits Of Green Tea
by Ryan Griffiths / August 1, 2019

Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

We love a cuppa and green tea is fast becoming the go-to beverage for health-conscious Aussies. This article looks at some of the benefits of green tea and highlights why it’s so popular and effective at helping people look and feel great.

The Green Tea Caffeine and L-Theanine Boost

There’s a common misconception that green tea doesn’t give you a caffeine boost – it does! While green tea contains less caffeine than your average cup of coffee, it still contains enough to give you an energy boost. For this reason, a lot of coffee addicts are making the switch to green tea or are swapping out one of their daily coffees. The caffeine in green tea also makes it a healthy alternative pre-workout supplement.

In addition to caffeine, green tea contains a non-protein amino compound called L-Theanine. It’s this compound that gives green tea it’s distinct umami-like flavour. L-Theanine reduces physiological stress responses in the human body, which leads to lower stress hormone levels, blood pressure and heart rate. After consuming it, most people receive a reduction in their overall stress and anxiety levels. But wait, there’s more! L-Theanine also helps your brain produce alpha waves. Without boring you with the science, it makes it easier for you to concentrate on specific tasks, i.e. you no longer get easily distracted.

You’re probably thinking, wait a second, if caffeine hypes me up and L-Theanine calms me down, do they cancel each other out? No! In fact, they come together as allies, work out a compromise and effectively give you the best of both worlds. This means you get the energy boost you’ve been craving, without buzzing around the room like a lunatic. So next time you want to slay a workout or stay up all night finishing an assignment, consider reaching for some green tea instead of a coffee or energy drink.

The Flat Tummy Tea

There’s two main reasons why people refer to green tea as the “Flat Tummy Tea” and no, it’s not because drinking it magically gives you a ripped stomach or abs.

The first is that green tea has ingredients in it that make you feel full, despite each cup containing zero calories. When you feel full, you’ll be less likely to reach for that Kit Kat or smash a packet of chips, i.e. binge eat, usually because you’re bored and easily distracted. By consuming green tea when you’d usually have a fatty snack, you’ll find your cravings will disappear and, over time, your tummy will get flatter.

The second is that green tea helps to reduce bloating, thus leading to a flatter looking tummy.

Benefits of green tea weight loss

The Weight Loss Tea

The top reason why people are going crazy for green tea is because it’s been proven to assist with weight loss. Green tea is packed to the brim with antioxidants. Antioxidants actively boost your body’s metabolism by up to 4 per cent and help it burn calories. In addition, a study has shown that green tea can improve fat oxidation by up to 17%, which just means it helps you burn fat faster. That’s why it’s no surprise that some kind of “green tea” ingredient is found in most of our fat burner supplements. It’s in there because it really works.

It is important to note that, while green tea is effective when it comes to weight loss, the actual impact it’ll have will vary from person to person and depend on several factors like diet, lifestyle and overall fitness. For example, if you drink 5 cups of green tea a day but still have Dominos every night, you probably won’t see the results you were hoping for.

To get the most health benefits of green tea we recommend consuming green tea frequently as part of a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and active fitness regime.

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