5 Signs Of Being Skinny Fat

by Ash Tilley / April 18, 2020

What is Skinny Fat? 

In reality, “Skinny fat” is not a medical term, even though its usage is highly colloquial. Skinny fat is often used to describe a person who appears to be thin but carries a higher percentage of body fat than what is deemed healthy for them. 


It’s possible for an individual to have a healthy BMI, based on their height and weight, but when viewed in isolation, the body fat percentage is far more than what is healthy as per the body type. 


How Do People Become Skinny Fat?

Losing muscle mass and gaining fat mass whilst functioning at a low metabolic rate is what leads to the skinny fat condition. 


Carbohydrates and other high caloric food groups are excellent for developing energy potential, but if that energy is not used, chances are it might get stored as fat in the body. If the muscles are not being put to use frequently, you will witness a sharp decrease in muscle mass. For a person who has a 9-5 desk job, the chances of losing skeletal muscle mass is significant. Fat mass is inversely proportional to mobility.


Not taking proper nutrition, sitting all day, and skipping workout sessions will ultimately lead to fat gain. People maintaining a sedentary lifestyle, especially due to work, are most likely to be a victim of this condition. 


How To Know If I am Skinny fat?

It is preferable that you know your cholesterol level, sugar level, and blood pressure to know how good your metabolism is. That’s the only definite way to know. Still, there are certain signs and conditions to be wary of. If you identify with these signs, do opt for a medical examination.


Here are 5 Signs Of Being Skinny Fat


1. You can’t seem to break a sweat

If you haven’t worked out for a long time, the thought of performing a 30-minute workout might suck the life out of you. People who are not overweight might not have the incentive to follow a fitness regime and get in shape. That doesn’t mean their bodies are healthy. 


You must perform aerobic activities on a day to day basis while adding a little strength training to build some muscle mass. The strength training will also help in building your metabolism and will burn toxic layers of fat. 



2. Poor Diet 

If your diet mainly comprises pop sodas, burgers, and pizzas, then you will most certainly develop a high-fat percentage. Indulging in too much sugar or fat-based products can make you prone to diabetes and heart diseases. Add essential dietary fibres, vitamins, protein, and various nutrients to your diet.


Moreover, fad diets, yo-yo dieting, skipping meals, etc. will benefit you for a little while, but the moment you stop following these programs, the benefits will instantly diminish. Also, you lose out a significant percentage of muscle mass while dieting, which may hinder the capability of your body to function properly. Instead of seeking the easy way out, develop good eating habits that contribute to a permanent lifestyle change. 




3. Family History

If you have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, high cholesterol, etc. chances are you may also be predisposed to these conditions. Maintaining a healthy weight will certainly lower your chances of developing these health conditions. But, for foolproof results, it is important to work out on a regular basis and maintain a healthy and balanced diet. 


Inform your doctor about your family history, and seek advice on ways to avoid developing such health conditions. If you are on medication, then make sure to follow the entire course while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



4. Muffin Top

As per recent studies, it has been proven that the average-weight people with excess fat around the chest area are likely to die a lot more early than their obese and overweight friends. Fat around the chest is the worst and puts your health at great risk. A Muffin top often indicates fat building up around internal organs which can increase the risk of developing deathly health conditions. A Muffin top is a clear cut sign of how much your body is suffering. Exercising daily and eating healthy is highly essential for your body to function properly. 



5. Part Of At-Risk Population

BMI isn’t the perfect measurement for everyone, especially when it comes to certain ethnic groups. Research has time and time again proven that BMI has been proven to be incompetent while measuring the overall health of various ethnic groups. For example, people of South Asian descent are more likely to store fat around their top area as compared to Caucasians with the same BMI. 


The fat surrounding the internal organs is regarded as visceral fat which has been linked to metabolic problems and health diseases. If you are someone who is experiencing something similar to this then shift your focus on creating a healthy lifestyle immediately. Create a workout program as per your fitness level and perform it every day. Nutrition makes up 80% of your body composition. Following a healthy diet that comprises all the necessary nutrients is highly important. 


Maintaining a healthy body composition is indispensable. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you will certainly have to make a few compromises. To overcome the skinny fat condition, it’s important to build your muscle mass. Educate yourself about strength training. Avoid long hours of intense cardio. Don’t undereat/overeat. Maintain proper nutrition. 

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Since you are aware of the facts now, don’t be easily fooled by fad/ trendy diets. Aspire to become healthy. Do not aspire to become skinny. Being skinny does not necessarily equate to being healthy or fit. Also, a lean and healthy body tends to look a lot more attractive.


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